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Written by Linzi A   
Friday, 25 August 2017 16:00

As Über editor Monk noted in his review, Newcastle black metallers Decrepit Monolith certainly possess a sense of the dramatic when it comes to their stage shows.  With influences taken from Gorgoroth, Marduk, Behemoth and early Dimmu Borgir seeping from their music, their set features the guys dressed in leather body armour, as well as the almost obligatory fake blood, chains, candles, lambs’ heads, wooden crucifixes and more.


Decrepit Monolith 2


This band definitely turned a few heads as they walked straight off the Hobgoblin stage and into the press area wanting to speak to us first after their set. By their own admission, they were a “bit sweaty” – but they’d obviously had a ball…


It went so, so well - better than to be expected. We had a great turn out of people for our set… pretty incredible really.


After the battle of the bands we weren’t expecting such a great crowd of people: after all, where we come from there are only select few in the town that like black metal, so to play here where the crowds are all into our music… it’s such a great feeling you know.


How did you find Metal 2 The Masses?


We had to play two heats, a semi-final and a final: we found that, as it went on, the competition got stiffer, so we had to up our game - bring more fire and more blood to the show… and here we are now.


It’s great that there is a pedestal like Metal 2 The Masses, which gives bands like us a chance to play somewhere amazing like Bloodstock. I just hope we made a good impression, and people want us to come back and play again next year. That’s the dream: to be able to come back and play Bloodstock again.


You guys released an old EP, and have a new single out: do you want to tell people out there a little bit about that?


You can check out all our music on social media and YouTube… look us up: you can’t miss us!


What’s next for the band?


Decrepit Monolith 1


We are busy writing new songs, going in a slightly different direction; we are going to make it a little bit more mysterious, a bit more ambience, but still keeping it extreme.


If you could tell someone that hadn’t seen your band before what you sound like, how would you describe yourselves to them?


Very varied: we can go from very fast, in your face to more stomping and doomy; we have clean bits and ambient bits. You’re not breaking your neck the whole time windmilling. You can just go out and bang your head and enjoy some fast evil music.


If you like us or not, you will remember us at least for our stage show.


What gigs have you got coming up?


We have got a gig in Manchester soon, with Barshasketh, a black metal band from New Zealand, at the Star and Garter on 14 September. After that, we’re supporting Horrified at the launch of their new album, ‘Allure Of The Fallen’, in Trillians on 12 October.


How would you describe your band with a movie title?


Decrepit Monolith 5


Devils Rejects!


Who would you like to see play Bloodstock next year?


Us! Cannibal Corpse, BloodBath... Tell you what, just leave the booking up to us next year (laughs)!


A chicken walks out onto the stage mid set while you’re on stage: what would you do?


I would try and take a selfie with it.


Eat it and do an Ozzy.


Throw fake blood over it and make it part of the set.


Where can people find your music?


In the bin?!


Spotify, Soundcloud… all the major live streaming services. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram: go and give our pages a like!


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