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Written by Johnny H   
Saturday, 20 July 2013 04:00

Back at the start of 2013 on a freezing cold February night in the fine city of Bristol I along with a certain legendary guitarist from Trigger McPoopshute were stood outside The Fleece freezing our balls off waiting to get in to see one of Wilko Johnson’s farewell shows. During that wait the solid stone walls of our favourite Bristol venue started to reverberate to the sounds of something that sounded like pure rock ‘n’ roll adrenalin, something that was primal yet groovy, sick sounding but also full of sugar sweet melody. That sound my friends was the Radio Nasties, and this is their very first interview anywhere ever. So check out the following and see why I think they might just be the future of British rock ‘n’ roll music.


Nasties Press 1


Hi, so this is your very first interview as Radio Nasties, thank you for giving it to Uber Rock. Are you nervous?


Joe: Haha, not at all! We're so stoked you guys are up for taking the time to chat with us.


So tell our readers a little bit about Radio Nasties, who you are what you do etc etc.


Ben: It's simple; we're a kick ass rock and roll band.


What was it about playing good ole fashioned rock ‘n’ roll that made you guys go “that’s for us!”


Ben: We were brought up on real music! That's what we like so that's what we play.


Joe: I just can't relate to a lot of my generation’s rock and roll music, it's bloated and pompous. That's why it's so important a band like ours exists. No bullshit. Rock and roll ain't supposed to be over-thought and self-conscious, it's supposed to be the best fucking time of your life!


No disrespect but lads of your age normally end up playing generic fringecore shite, and don’t tend to name drop icons like Eddie Cochran within their live set, what makes you guys so different from your peers?


Joe: We’ve got taste! Nobody really writes songs anymore. Everybody seems to have a 'sound' you know? There’s all these new bands popping up every five minutes and they all have a new 'sound', but none of them have any songs. We wanted to strip everything back and concentrate on what's really important: writing great songs. 


I must admit when I first caught you guys supporting Wilko Johnson you guys turned out to be the highlight of the night for me, kind of because I felt like some of Wilko’s legacy was still alive in your music what was that show like for you?


Joe: Wow! Thanks! We draw from a lot of the same influences as him, and obviously he himself is a big influence on us.


Ben: To be asked to play the gig with Wilko was unreal in itself. I was raised on Feelgood records and his guitar style is unlike anyone else. His slant on R'n'B pretty much started punk rock. His huge influence aside I have so much respect and admiration for his approach to music. Ultimately he has remained passionate about what he does and it shows. For all those reasons, he's a real hero of mine. So yeah, sharing a stage with him was a highlight of my life, without question!


One of my uber colleagues also compared watching you guys to what it must have been like watching The Beatles in their early days, how does that comment make you feel?


Joe: Shit…. It makes me feel like a million bucks!


Ben: Yeah we are a bit good! Haha.


Actually I have just noticed the Beatles poster in the excellent video for ‘Cuttin’ Out’ are you subliminally trying to influence us? Haha


Joe: That one was actually just a fortunate accident. The real subliminal messages in that video are much more sinister... Haha.



Tell us about how that video came together, it really is a cool black and white affair.


Ben: It was shot by a great dude called Dave Brain who makes comedy shorts under the name Guksack. It was actually his first music video.


Joe: It was my idea to film in black and white. I really wanted a stripped down affair. Again, no bullshit you know?  No smoke and mirrors. Just a band, in a room, rockin' the fuck out. Here we are and have some of that.


So you have also just played the Camden Rocks Festival with a plethora of great bands, your name is definitely getting out there, what was that like for you guys and what is up next gig wise?


Ben: Oh it was great. We rocked the joint. All in all a good day out. We played hard and drunk hard. We got to hang around and watch some killer bands like our friends The Social Club and The Computers. 


Joe: We were asked to play by Chris McCormack, who curates the event. He also runs Jubilee Club at The Camden Barfly and he's recently hooked us up with a monthly residency there. So you can catch us tearing it up every month there this summer plus on Saturday 27th July we are at The Underbelly Hoxton, which I’m sure you know is in London.


And what has been your gig highlight to date?


Ben: We've been really lucky as a new band to share the stage with the likes of Wilko, The Jim Jones Revue, The Rezillos, Dr. Feelgood, Nine Below Zero, The Computers, The Caezars. All of these are great bands, but when it comes to shows, the smaller, the sweatier, the more in your face the better! I love shows where there's no stage, you're on a level with the crowd and they're gonna fuckin' have it!


You did a great job on the Death Or Glory 7”, I take it then that vinyl is an important format to you guys?


Joe: Absolutely. It's how we listen to our music.


Ben: It's the most relevant format for us, how can you make a rock and roll record not on record?


So when can we expect to see the debut album - and will it be available on vinyl?


Joe: We're going to release another 7" in the autumn, then maybe an album next year? If you want it bad enough.


Ben: You'll have to beg for it! 


Radio Nasties


Okay going out on a limb here I’m guessing most of your idols you will never have the chance to play with as most of them will be six feet under or living in exile, of those you might be able to share a stage with what would be your dream gig line up?


Ben: Yeah, we've come to the party late haven't we? So unfashionably late.


Joe: There's still plenty of big boys kicking around though, Setzer, Macca, Costello, Chuck’s still goin’... Shit, I'd even settle for Ringo. Haha


And talking of gigs we run a “worst gig ever” feature here on Uber Rock called Gigs From Hell, do you have a particular story you’d like to share with us?


Ben: We don't play bad gigs.


Joe: Haha! Can you still make that reply into a feature?


Finally I just wanted to ask you what you guys are hoping to achieve by being Radio Nasties? I mean if we were to sit down in five years time where do you see yourselves?


Ben: Hopefully rockin' to the masses. Who knows man, bands come and go but the great thing about rock and roll is, its here to stay!


Thank you again for your time, I hope this hasn’t been too painful for you, and I hope to catch you out on the road sometime soon.


Joe: Thanks for breaking us in! Haha. Yeah let’s chat again soon.


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Here goes;


Which famous ex Dr. Feelgood guitarist did we first see Radio Nasties supporting back in February of this year?


Was it a) Wilko Johnson

b) Brian Johnson

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