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Sunday, 07 July 2013 03:00



Tony Wright may well be known as the frontman of Terrorvision but, with the famed British band seemingly on hiatus, he has decided to go down the unplugged route and form a new outfit, Acoustic TV. On the eve of a UK co-headline tour with The Almighty/Black Star Riders frontman Ricky Warwick, Tony found himself grilled by Uber Rock's number one Terrorvision fan, Craggy. Read on for the scoop on how this new project came together, and what exactly is going on with his other, more famous bands......


Tony, first let me say thank you for taking your time to answer some questions and I would also like thank you for bringing the much-missed Terrorvision back with the superb album 'Super Delux'.


Thanks and glad you like it....


You have been pretty busy in the last few years. What’s happening with Terrorvision and LaikaDog at the moment?


At the moment the LaikaDog lads are in writing and recording for the next album and Terrorvision are just not doing owt as it just doesn't feel right at the moment. I think it has to be all people firing on all cylinders or there is no point and I think that is how everyone in the band feels... Maybe that's why we rock more than most, eh?


After being occupied with both Terrorvision and LaikaDog recently you have momentarily stepped away from the bands to go acoustic. This summer you will be joining Ricky Warwick (The Almighty/Black Star Riders) for an acoustic tour with Milly (Terrorvision) billed as Acoustic TV. How did that tour come about?




I love playing music and I love travelling around playing music. The Terrorvision engine was all stripped down and put under cover till we get the fuel to start it up again and I thought I need a new vehicle to quell the urge so I took a aload of TV songs and a load of LaikaDog songs and some Tony songs and some Milly songs and worked them into an alternative acoustic format... It sounded good to me so with our hearts on our sleeves we are setting off on tour with Ricky and chancing our arm. It will be music of the future and music of the past. Something old, something new, something borrowed and a bit of swearing...


Ricky is known for playing acoustic shows more recently, and has recorded several acoustic-based solo albums. A Tony Wright acoustic tour might be something our readers are not so familiar with. What made you decide to go down the acoustic road?


All good songs should have an alternative side. I think Terrorvision songs can be seen as bombastic and so I thought I would show another side of them. I don't want to just strum the same songs in the same way but not plugged in.... I don't see the point in that so I have taken a risk or two and it is a risk worth taking if you ask me as a singer/songwriter/musician/donkey.


I have been a Terrorvision fan for years and as a regular attendee of your shows I know how energetic it is. How are you going to find sitting still and crooning to an acoustic?


It is acoustic not arthritic.... I don't even lie down when I sleep so I won't be sitting to sing a song. Of course I can't jump around as much with my classical guitar on but I might make my finger bleed... Maybe I do lean slightly when I am dozing...




Do you have any plans to record any new material with Acoustic TV?


I would quite like to make a film with Acoustic TV. Maybe have an adventure and document it. Obviously it would have music in it but I don't think we will release owt until some of the concepts that are still in my head at the moment step forward to be heard and so yeah, later maybe new stuff, but let's see...


Will there be any record of the shows of any kind? And will you packing any merch on the tour itself?


Probably on file somewhere and rather than t-shirts I might go for a more personal touch and create an exclusive woodcut poster for the tour in my print studio. You can check out the stuff I do here www.oldfield-press.blogspot.comor find me on the twitter and facebook under oldfieldpress (both), laikatone (twitter), terrorvisiontone (facebook) - come and say hi too....




My first Terrorvision experience seems to bring to mind lime-green tracksuits (or were they white?). Am I dreaming that or not? And if not, will you ever be bringing them back? By the way, I’ve tried searching the net for images and nothing is supporting my memory.


Lime green indeed as it matched our complexions in those days. I actually think they are on the 'Perseverance' video. Dream on...


The last time I saw Terrorvision was on a cold, windy October in Brighton in 2011. It was because of that show that I ended up in the sea and nearly drowned - thanks. What are your touring plans with the band, and can we ever hope to see you in Europe - for example, the Czech Republic? I live there now - there’s no sea.


I am not sure about Terrorvision plans. They are a rock band and so plans and business sense are not involved. I think it is all the better for that but I would love to come and see you in Czech Republic so maybe you should start booking us some Acoustic TV gigs out there as there are only two of us which works more like a coincidence than a plan...


And finally, just two quick questions. Do you realise how good 'Super Delux' is?


I am glad we didn't make any other albums before it. I liked the fact it wrote itself in our rehearsal room whilst we were rehearsing for some greatest hits tour. Those songs just tapped us on the shoulder and said 'do you mind playing us' and we said, 'yeah, it would be an honour'.


And what one lyric that you have written do you think most sums up Terrorvision?


Party over here fuck you over there/Couldn't be me if it wasn't for you/High on a molotov of cocktails/Sabbath on the radio not Sharon on the tele... Should I go on?...


Thanks very much for taking time to answer these questions Tony. Best of luck with the Acoustic TV tour!


Thank you and keep in touch about that European tour you said you were putting together for me and Milly...






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