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Written by Nev Brooks   
Saturday, 08 June 2013 03:00

Filter 1


Earlier this week US alternative rockers Filter released their sixth album ‘The Light Comes Out Tonight’ amid a flurry of rave reviews, including my own right here on Uber Rock. I got hooked up with Richard Patrick the band’s main man just a few weeks back to try and get a feeling for what had driven his career to date, here Uber Rockers is the result of that conversation….



First up Richard I’d like to say thanks for taking the time out to talk with us here at Uber Rock. As an introduction to the band for some of our readers I’d like to start in the past if you don’t mind, and back in 1991 I was lucky enough to see Nine Inch Nails supporting Guns N’ Roses at Wembley Stadium while still a (relative) youngster. I knew nothing about the band prior to that day and being absolutely blown away, I wondered were you still playing guitar for them at the time? It must have been around the time of ‘Pretty Hate Machine’? If you were what are your memories of the time?


Yes I was there. I had a blast with NIN it was all very exciting. Trent and I drank a bunch and had a great time. I consider him to be a great friend now. One of my best. We had some rough times like all friends (I mean I did quit NIN!!!!) but we ended up on each other’s side. We have families and we both love music plus.


Have you any other memories about working alongside Trent?


I remember he was driven. He loved production and breaking rules of recording. Who doesn’t?


That definitely comes across I love the way Nine Inch Nails kind of threw away the rulebook in the same way that Filter have continued to do so. So after leaving Trent, you formed Filter alongside Brian Liesegang and recorded your first LP ‘Short Bus’, which I must say is a cracking introduction to the band for anyone who hasn’t heard you guys yet. What are your memories of those early days like?? Especially considering how successful it was at the time.


We were kind of shocked. We knew we did music that we liked but we weren’t sure how the grunge audience would like our rock record that used a drum machine so heavily.


Filter 2


To me that use of a drum machine can so easily push a band into areas that they might never have explored before driving their music forward. So what was influencing you musically at the time??


Umm, probably Pantera, Butthole Surfers, and Skinny Puppy


The debut record was followed by two further LPs, ‘Title of Record’ and ‘The Amalgamut’ each in turn to me, as a fan, becoming stronger and setting the bands standards high, but I have to ask is ‘Take A Picture’ really just about a drunken escapade? Can you like to enlighten us?


It’s actually about wishing you could take a moment in time and freeze it forever. Your mood, the feelings. All the senses not just your eyes.


Richard you have also been involved with what I would class as two supergroups. The first being The Damning Well featuring Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) and Danny Lohner (NIN). Rumours abound that there was at least an LPs worth of material in the can by you guys, as well as the track that appeared on the Underworld soundtrack is this ever likely to see the light of day?


Oh that project is done for sure.


The second group Army Of Anyone featuring the DeLeo brothers (Stone Temple Pilots) and Ray Luzier (Dave Lee Roth and now Korn) produced for me one of my favourite LPs of the time, it absolutely blew me away. The chemistry seemed so strong in the band, so are you still in contact with any of the members? It would certainly be nice to see on a support slot with the upcoming Filter tour?


We had a great time in Army Of Anyone but I think I’ve got my hands pretty full right now.



With your next record ‘Anthems to the Damned’ to me that was the LP that appeared to be where you started exorcising a few personal demons, would I be right in thinking that it was a personal step forward?


Oh, that record was more about the world and how wrong it was to go to war with Iraq.


I can see that too, perhaps that was me thinking too left of field and made it too personal, I stand corrected. ‘The Trouble With Angels’ then has to rank as one of my favourite albums of the last five years. I placed it at the top of my Uber Rock Albums Of The Year list for its intensity, emotion and sheer cathartic release, it just doesn’t get any better. Was it a difficult record to make?


I’m always in trouble. The records are always written from the heart. I’ve had a lot to remember and share.


That really comes out, it’s firmly established as one of my go to LPs Coming bang up to date, the new record, ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight’, is also a bit of a stunner, it sounds like Filter pushing forward. Tell us what are your personal favourites on the record?


I just love this new album. I love all of the hills and the valleys. I’m just proud of the whole thing.


Right from first listen the record grabs you, it ebbs and flows then it just gets better with each listen. I understand we have some UK dates and possibly a couple of summer festival dates, which festivals would we be talking?? Or is it too early to let us know?


We are making plans to rock out big time in your country. I love you guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for buying our music, I can’t wait to play for you all real soon.


To pick up your copy of 'The Sun Comes Out Tonight' - CLICK HERE