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Written by Mark Ashby   
Saturday, 23 February 2013 03:30


Growing up with a father who is virtually a living legend can be daunting enough, but then going on to play in the same band with him? Most kids would probably crap their proverbials even thinking about that oh so daunting prospect.


So, how do young Cody (bass) and Nick Souza (drums feel about being the rhythm section in the latest band to be fronted by their dad, the one and only Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza?


Well there’s only one way to find out: Über Rock’s Mark Ashby opens up the old trans-Atlantic communications channels to get the full inside story…


Hatriot - Souza Family


Your dad is a real legend in the heavy metal world: how conscious of this were you when you were growing up?


Nick: I always knew he was a special member in the thrash metal community. I didn't realise until I was a bit older what a vital part he played.


Cody: I knew he was an established musician, but he was always just dad to us. When he was on tour for ‘Tempo Of The Damned’ I realised it was bigger than I thought.


Did you listen to your dad’s stuff at home?


Nick: Yeah, I like his work with Exodus, Legacy, and Tenet as well. As a little kid, the music was always around, so we didn’t think much of it. It was just normal to us.


Cody: Same thing here. I always liked it. I grew up with his music, so I guess you could say he was my first musical influence.


Can I assume that it was his influence that developed your own interest in playing music?


Both: Yes, he's the one who got us our first instruments - and metal CDs for that matter. Guys in big bands would come over to the house and we didn’t even realise they were rock stars. They were just dad’s friends. Looking back that is pretty amazing.


Hatriot - Nick SouzaDid your dad ever try to dissuade you from following a career in heavy metal, or has he always been supportive of you in this regard?


Nick: He was always really supportive of us. He did tell us the negative sides of the music industry, but that never scared me away. I always knew that we had it in our blood to try and do something in music.


Cody Most definitely! If we wanted something ‘gear related’ for Christmas or our birthdays, he always forked a little bit more money and got us something cool. Dad bought my first bass and Nick’s first drum set. He always wanted us to follow his footsteps.


How did the idea of playing in the same band as your dad come about?


Both: We tried out when the opportunity arose. We were good enough to ask him for the time and place to try out for Hatriot, and ultimately we both got the gig. Dad is not a bull shitter. If he didn’t think we could handle it we wouldn’t be in his band.


What’s your dad like as a fellow band member as opposed to being your dad?


Cody: He is very driven and easy to work with, regardless that he's my dad. He is always fully committed for practice and moving forward.


Nick: Sometime I don't even think of it like that. We are all so close that when we’re in the band environment he seems more like a friend to me.


Does he ever pull rank? In songwriting, for example? Or is he very much open to the ideas you and the other band members bring to the table?


Both: Pretty much Kosta V writes the riffs and he is the lyric master - no questions asked. We help arrange and throw in our ideas, but they are the ‘leaders’ so to speak. Dad knows his craft better than anybody, so there’s never a need to question it.


Is it difficult to draw the line between band life and family life?


Both: It is not hard at all. We all live separately, so it's nice when we get family time and it's nice to have band time as well. Our family time is very similar to our band time though, because we talk about the band a lot.


Hatriot - Cody SouzaHas the Souza name made it easier for you to be accepted in the industry, or does it mean you’ve had to work harder to get where you are now?


Cody: It is harder because there’s a bigger spotlight on you. Everyone wants to see if you’re in there because of nepotism or if you can actually hang. Metal is a technical type of music and it takes practice and passion to achieve success.


Nick: I think it's made it easier. People want to see us succeed. They like that we are the second generation of thrash metal. The nepotism thing was only said at first by the haters, but as soon as they listened to the album they seemed to go away.


Tell us a wee bit about the band: what does the name Hatriot mean/symbolise?


Both: It is from the idea that we love America but we don't like the people who run it and the politics that get involved. Kerry King approved our name.


Can you give us a bit of background about the two guitarists, Kosta and Miguel? What sort of dynamic do they bring to the band?


Both: Kosta brings the polished up old school with new technical thrash riffs, while Miguel has that new virtuoso soloing and progressive picking. They both complement each other because of the fact that they are so different, yet so similar in their style. They are a dynamic duo for sure.


How would you describe the material?


Cody: Hatriot is fucking thrash metal with that new school twist, and a splash of death metal influence.


Nick: It's very brutal and aggressive. There’s not a dull moment in any one of the songs. It is really good stuff.


Hatriot Artwork


Will fans of your dad’s work recognise any of those influences on the album?


Cody: Definitely! There are a wide variety of influences, new and old, that are displayed on ‘Heroes of Origin’. Fans of dad’s earlier stuff will not be disappointed.


Nick: I agree. There are elements of Slayer, Death, Pestilence, and Megadeth. Newer influences would be like Shadows Fall, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Lamb of God. Plus anything that dad sings on will have a bit of Exodus sound to it. There’s no way around that.


Finally, do you have any touring plans to support the album’s release, and are these likely to include dates in Europe – and, specifically, the UK/Ireland?


Both: We plan on going over there sometime in 2013! It will be our first time and we are both very excited!


‘Heroes Of Origin’ is out now on Massacre Records. You can get your copy HERE