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Written by Gaz E   
Sunday, 10 February 2013 03:30



Julia Pierce founded US all-girl band Cherri Bomb when she was just eleven years old. With former Hole/Motley Crue drummer Samantha Maloney managing the band, a record deal with Hollywood Records, shows supporting the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Bush and Steel Panther, and appearances at Sonisphere and the Reading and Soundwave festivals, things looked hugely promising for this young band.


A debut EP, 'Stark', was released in 2011, followed in May of 2012 by the debut Cherri Bomb album, 'This Is The End Of Control'. In its Uber Rock review I described the band as "an ass-kicking gang of great looking girls knocking out riffs that don't just owe a debt of honour to the best stuff that Grohl and company regularly churn out, but add a new twist to them." I was impressed to say the least.


The start of 2013 has been a curious one for Cherri Bomb to say the least: on January 23rd drummer Nia Lovelis, her sister, bassist Rena Lovelis, and guitarist Miranda Miller announced that the band had "parted company" with vocalist/guitarist Julia Pierce. The age-old "creative differences" were cited by Miller in an online post. A day later, however, Julia released a statement claiming that she did not leave the band that she had formed voluntarily.


More was to come. Cherri Bomb, no longer managed by Maloney who had left her role at the end of October last year, were dropped by Hollywood Records as a result of Pierce's departure.


Julia Pierce was keen to get her side of the story out there for her fans to read so, with a determination to get to the bottom of this strange case, I fired some questions across the Atlantic and Julia was more than happy to tell the people the truth.....




It came as a bit of a surprise to me when I saw the announcement on the Cherri Bomb Facebook page last month that you and the band had gone your "seperate ways" - was it a surprise to you because, as the statement that you released the day after the announcement implied, you were essentially kicked out of the band that you formed in 2008?


Yes, this was all very sudden and unexpected. I was actually just as shocked as most of the fans were, but at that point I realized "When one door closes, another opens." I'm a strong believer in this. I've embraced the change and it has given me even more encouragement to keep improving and evolve as a musician/artist!


What actually went down at, the end I guess we can call it, of Cherri Bomb as we knew it? Was there a big fight or did the news come totally out of the blue?


Neither. They had their differences with me, obviously. As some people might have imagined, there was definitely a lack of communication and respect, and it became a very uncomfortable environment for me. But like I said, in the end I really did not expect them to do this.


Given that you were in a band with a pair of sisters I guess we can all imagine a kind of You-Against-Them scenario - is this how it ended up? Did you feel that it was suddenly three against one?


Yes, and yes.


I have to commend you on your attitude towards your departure from the band because, especially given your age, you've come out fighting with some pretty ballsy comments about the whole situation...


A lot of fans say that I've handled the situation pretty maturely, which I believe I have, but when people who don't know the facts make false statements, I do correct them. And it's definitely not their faults - rumours spread easily and nobody can control that. It doesn't make me angry either, because in the end it feels better that I keep it real with the fans.


The band's manager, Samantha Maloney, who had been managing the band for some years, quit on October 29th last year - would it be wrong to suggest that this act in some way contributed to the actions of your former bandmates in January of this year, or maybe was indicative of the souring of relations in the band camp?


Yes, she quit because of the current circumstances at the time. It really was a very complicated situation. But I thought Sam was an amazing manager. She got us our deal with Hollywood Records. She also got us our very first tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, a show with the Foo Fighters, and countless other opportunities! I know that she's now moving onward and upward - like me!


Five days after the announcement that you were out of Cherri Bomb, the ban's record label, Hollywood Records, terminated their contract - this was solely down to you not being in the band any longer, right?




With the attitude and stance of the label hardly questionable given how swiftly they moved to drop the band, was there ever any question, or is there still, that you, essentially, are/were Cherri Bomb and you could yourself carry on with the name and assemble band members around you as you did previously?


I would have loved to carry on the name and still front the band like I always have. I always thought that's how it would be anyway. But, when it was time to think about moving on, there was no hesitation in mind knowing that I will remain a front woman and play with other great musicians assembled around me!


You formed Cherri Bomb when you were 11 - while the recent events would have troubled you greatly, are you in such a positive frame of mind to think that your time with the band may well have just been the starter for your musical career and the main course is still to come?


Most definitely 100%! This was such a valuable experience and a huge stepping stone! I really am in a very positive and happy place. And, the best is yet to come. I'm most excited about sharing my new experiences with my fans! They've been so supportive already, more than I even imagined!


Where then, after all this has settled down, do you see yourself in a year's time? Fronting a new band? Joining an established act? A radical career shift?


I'm starting a new project. I'm constantly writing music and that's exactly what I need right now. I'm ready to go full blast with this. I'm still going to do what I love most: Singing my heart out, shredding on guitar, and playing rock n' roll.


A musical question to finish: in the past few weeks, when all manner of anger and upset must have been coursing through you, what music have you turned to to help get you through it?


FOO FIGHTERS, AND FALL OUT BOY. For one main reason: The pure aggression. It gets me pumped, no matter how I feel prior to listening to them.