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Written by Raquel F   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 22:44




So this was the day when the Crank County Daredevils played in the greatest city in the world - Barcelonaaaahh!!!! Another Saturday night, another li'l siesta then some drinks while listening to the Crank County's last cd full blast at home as I get dressed, also watching through the window how the neighbour's dog is taking yet another shit on the patio. Oh well. My friend picks me up and there we go.


We get there late again, damn. So we have to wait a bit for the guys and the promoters to have dinner and stuff, I get an incredible back and ass massage in the meantime while sitting in one of those Lazy Boy sofas which immediately made me realize it really is a dream come true of a sofa, then I suddenly realize too I've been drinking a bit too much now and we definitely must run to the interview or we're gonna be late again. We get to the small bar, and there's the band, finally. We agree it might be best to do it at the li'l venue just around the corner, since it's still closed, no people yet, so we head towards the Rocksound.


I wanna thank Scotty P for being so nice and funny with me as a slightly drunken stupor and other general foolishness took over me during the somewhat surreal interview; thank you man, you rule the world! So...sitting at the bar, minutes before the li'l venue would open doors, we start chatting a bit.......


I don't know what day it is, do you know what day it is today??scotty


It's a Saturday, I think.


Err... Saturday, September?.. Hmm.. January... err... Twentysomething... 23rd of January... sorry! How are you Scotty?


Pretty good. Like, when you don't remember what day it is that means things are going fine.


How come you guys come to play in Spain so often?


Well, originally we were on a label out of France called Bad Reputation so the sales around the region were good in Spain so we hooked up with a booking agency called Teenage Head; they're the ones who started the bookings out in Spain and stuff, and the tours went over well so we came back again after two years that we've been off because of drummer problems and stuff.


scottyintYeah, you had to look for a new drummer, right?


Yeah, we've been looking for a drummer for the last two years so we couldn't travel without a real band. It was pretty hard to find it.


When are you gonna play in the UK again? You were there like two years ago.


It depends on whether we can find a good booking agency that will help work with us. It's a tougher place to play, sort of like in America where the promotions there aren't together right sometimes and stuff, so it's harder and tougher with the crowds, to get people to know that you're coming there. So England, we definitely wanna do it again but, Teenage Head does not go up through that area so we're just sticking with what they've got, you got to rent the gear, rent the vans and all that stuff. Hopefully we'll be going there next year, but not this year. We're coming back later this year over here.


You just released your self-titled third album, describe it.


It's a lot tighter sounding, for sure. We recorded it in this old church in Asheville, a li'l Catholic church converted into a recording studio. We used the same board used on Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. You know with all old gear, vintage gear the sound is a lot tighter and we've got of Rory in the band now, he was not playing guitar on the first two albums, so the guitar sounds good, everything's pretty good, he's made really good solos, so the sound's muchcrank_county_daredevils_cover_091208 better, everything's much more tighter, and the songs are now shorter, more to the point. I consider now the two first albums as demos really, not real albums, this one feels like our first real album. Every song is like two minutes and thirty seconds long, so it's powerful, it's good stuff.


And you're releasing a live album too......


Yeah, it's not yet released. This summer on our webpage we're gonna start putting out singles and live albums, all through our webpage. Every once in a while we're gonna put something new. Hopefully this year we will have like two or three other things, when we get back. Rory, at the guitars, also has a recording studio that we just built, and that's where we're doing all the demo tracks for the studio album before we go in, but the sound has been getting so good in there that I think what we're gonna start doing is recording some singles and mini albums there, just recording them ourselves, and putting them out ourselves, just
doing everything. DIY is what we're gonna do.


You have been recently been touring with the Misfits, right?


Yeah, we played a bunch of shows with them here and there in the States. We've done a lot of opening slots, we've done opening slots for everything from Misfits to Superjoint Ritual, Lynyrd Skynyrd, so you go all the way from Southern rock to heavy, heavy stuff... Kid Rock, Skid Row... (laughs) It's cacophonic! (laughs)


Which one did you like the best?


The best, I don't know, they were all pretty good... but actually Lynyrd Skynyrd was the best for me, 'cos it was outdoors, at a biker's rally, and with people all the way from far away and just a good southern thing... I like playing in the South, I like the LA's, and the NY's, but in the ccddbigSouth rock, I think, is still into people's hearts, and it's funnier to play there. People get looser, whereas in the bigger cities in America it's more uptight, trying to act really cool...instead of letting it go out.


Yeah, why do you still wanna stay in NC, a band like you seems at first glance to fit the bill more for the usual LA or NY scenes...


Yeah definitely, but I think, I did live in Atlanta for many years, and the bass player is from Miami, Florida and the thing with wanting to keep a band going is that people don't want to get outside the cities they live in. It's hard to find a band who wants to travel and be calm and want to stay in that sector... and, sort of, if you can borrow from the LA vibe and from the NY vibe, and I think where we're at, in the South, we can pick up our own vibe, like we're all really honing it in now, recording our own stuff, becoming ourselves. Makes it more original I think.


I think you told me something about riding... Do you have a chopper, do you ride bikes?


Yeah, Billy does, and we've done a lot of biker gigs, and Billy and all of them ride. I don't, I wish I did but I don't. I walk a lot! (laughs)


scottycrankWhere do you walk? In the woods? At night?


Ha, yeah in the woods at night! (laughs)


So what are you doing walking, in America??! You gotta get a car there to go anywhere!


Uh... (laughs) but where I live it's close, like the job, the bar, everything is close so hence the walking. Everything at walking distance. It's not such a small town, it's a decent sized town but it's a good town.


Who'd you like to make a song with, or choose someone you'd like to play with in a song....


Hmm... With a...a person?...


Yeah, or a dog......


Yeah... (laughs)... a dog, or a cat... No I think Andy McCoy would be cool to do something with Andy McCoy or Izzy Stradlin or Lemmy will be always good, (laughs). I wouldn't sing, just let him do it! I'd do some backups! (laughs)


How much are you enjoying playing the new songs live?


I've been rocking a lot to 'Life Under The Blade'. Funny, just learning to play the new songs. Incranklive fact now that we're touring a bunch some are starting to get old. I like changing up a lot of what we're gonna play on stage. We never have a playlist, I just call it out. Write down a bunch of songs at the beginning of the night then just have a look and just sort of play whatever it is that we feel like playing or what the people want. The new songs are always kinda funnier to play because they're new to us. We got a real unit again, finally. The new drummer is really good, he's really tight and  with our band you gotta build up as brothers first before you build the music, 'cos if you don't got that you are always arguing, and then that's not going well...


I'd love to see a live DVD of you soon - why don't you do it?


Well, actually we have been talking about doing that this year. Also, in March we're supposed to go to Nashville, TN, and this guy is supposed to film two regular videos for us, and he makes B-movie kinda stuff, so he'll make it kinda gritty, dirty looking, for two videos. And during this tour and the tours in the States, a friend Ralph has been travelling around videotaping everything, so hopefully at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year we're gonna put all that together in one dvd, and maybe put it in a set with the cd so it'll be all in one package. He's got stuff recorded from us playing, travelling around, getting drunk...


Good fun to watch then! And what will you do when this tour is over?


guitarchick_sticker_863x863_mediumGo back to the States and then immediately we got a bunch of dates there too, which are in the works right now. We just got weekend dates for about two months, then we're getting ready to start a tour that goes from our house down to Nashville, Florida, New Orleans, Texas, up in Chicago and back around to play next door. We try to stay on tour, keep it going, yeah.


What do you do when you're not on tour?


Like for work?


Yeah, whatever it is that you do in your life.....


Oddly enough, I cut hair!


You cut hair? You're a hair stylist? I can't believe it. You swear?


Yeah! I work at this place called the Hollywood Vampyres Salon in Asheville. It's a rock 'n' rollscottylive salon, the girls are all rocked up, the place is full of pictures of Mötley Crüe, they play rock music all day long, the stations are in the shape of coffins, and that's where we work and cut off the hair!


And you work there, wow, I can't imagine that right now!!!


Yeah (laughs), it's hard to imagine.


When did it all start for you, Scotty?


Playing in a rock band? Probably I started playing music when I was fifteen but, I'm still not good, I'm still not good with the guitar, I can play like chords. Sort of started by myself and started writing songs around when I was eighteen, then at eighteen I moved to Nashville, then moved to Atlanta where I played with a bunch of bands and then moved back.


Favourite bands that you listen to?


Man it varies, it depends what kind of mood I'm in. Easy things like AC/DC or Motörhead... my biggest collection is old rockabilly, like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis....stuff like that. But it still depends on what kind of mood I'm in, some days I'll wake up and I'll want to listen to Miles Davis.......depends on what my mood is.


scottypgeetarWhat do you think about being compared to early Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat... I see you more like a Motörhead type of band...


Yeah, whatever they get out of it, you know. Whatever they compare us to is fine.


Describe to me the "Southern Sleaze"........


Southern sleaze is one we came up with, and like I said, we came out of the South and that sleaze is different; it ain't like frilly sleaze, it's more like fist fighting sleaze. That's more like we are, where we are at, the South.


Ok, hey what would you do if you sold millions of records and became super famous and shit?


What would I do? Tour more!


Who's your favourite person in the world right now?


I don't know... (thinks hard for a second...) ... um, touring bands, basically. People who havecrank_county_daredevils_-_kings_of_sleaze the heart to play the music that they wanna write, and not doing it because they wanna get famous, I guess those would be my favourite kind of people, the ones that wanna keep rock 'n' roll alive by going out and playing live.


What makes you happy happy superhappy!?


Superhappy? Playing music with my brothers.


Did you know that there is a nudist beach called Scotty P's beach in Lagos, Nigeria???


No, really? I'll have to go see where this is at! (laughs)


scottypOk now the last questions, because I can barely hear you anymore (the dj at the bar had just started playing Demolition 23's 'Nothin's Alright' and we were shouting at each other). If you had been born a woman who'd you have liked to be?


As a woman...Jennifer Tilly! (laughs)


And who'd you like to be stuck in an elevator with?


Jennifer Tilly!!! (laughs)


Hey, what question would you have liked I'd asked?


You? ...About Jennifer Tilly maybe? I don't know what to say about that really, I don't know. (laughs)


Ok, what question would you like to ask me?


Um, I don't know, what bands do you like? No, how did you find out about us?


Oh, through Myspace...


There you go, Myspace rules the world.......


And what are your last words for us tonight?


Keep rock 'n' roll alive with your fucking hearts, that's all.


Thank you so much Mr. P! We love you!!!!