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Written by Nev Brookes   
Sunday, 14 January 2018 04:00

So just how do you like your rock ‘n’ roll? New? Edgy? Raw? Maybe a hint of the Stooges? Just a smidgeon of the MC5?  Welcome to the Deathtraps!


Deathtraps 1


Already picking up massive interest on the live circuit and with a self-produced LP, ‘Justice For The Risca One’, that crept into my top 17 for 2017. Live they are finding their feet, setting their stall out – and, do you know what? I guarantee that they’ll find themselves in quite a few scribes gig of the year listing for 2018. So, enough with the pre-amble: on with the show…


When/how was the band formed?


We all met up at Dwarves gig in the summer of 2016, not long after Matty and Veej's old band had split up (the band in question? The Sick Livers). They wanted to get something new together and, so, after a period of deep mediation and discussion (about 30 seconds!), as if by magic we became a band.


We played our first gig last March supporting the Ramonas in Newport and managed to play another 13 gigs and record and release our own album in 2017.


Your influences?


I guess you could say we're all lovers of Scandi-rock like Chuck Norris Experiment, Turbonegro, Hellacopters, The Peepshows and Scumbag Millionaire along with their British contemporaries, the mighty Hip Priests.


Individually we love loads of sexy stuff including KISS, The Damned, Johnny Thunders, Hanoi Rocks, Bob Mould, Motorhead, Zeke, Alice Cooper, Dinosaur Jr, Afghan Whigs, The Bitch Queens and of course The Ramones.


We've been compared to loads of different bands, most of whom we've never heard but we're happy for people to compare us with what they hear in the songs, rather than previous bands we've been in.


Favourite gigs so far?


Supporting Exit_International in the old Le Pub, playing the final Slugfest at The Dolls House in Abertillery and The Dean Lane Hardcore Funday in Bristol were our rock ‘n’ roll highlights of 2017.


Deathtraps 2


We've been lucky, especially by hooking up with the Fueled By Jealous Lovers guys who've given us the opportunity to support Lee Bains III and Meatwave. Paul Cairns (Rock n Roll Circus) who's put on some great charity shows at The Dolls House, has also been a great supporter of the band from the beginning.


Tell us a bit about recording the LP…


We're a tight little gang; we wrote the 11 songs, recorded and released them ourselves. We're not trying to be the poster boys for DIY, but if we can do it, we will. We've got no delusions about rock stardom, “making it” is a fantasy we've long grown out of.


We toyed with the idea of releasing a couple of EPs rather than an album but we felt it was cooler to put out the lot in one go and charge people a fiver and move on with writing and recording new tunes rather than dragging things out.


How can people get hold of it?


You can buy the CD from our Big Cartel page for a fiver or download it for free from our Bandcamp page. We're not making any money out of it, as long as we can cover our costs we're happy.


Any reviews so far - apart from our stuff on Über Rock (I think I wrote you up on that rather splendid Exit_International gig)?


There has been a few - and the one that stuck out?


Deathtraps 3


“These guys might be actual maniacs. Most of their songs are about killing people and they sound fairly committed to the concept. But all the gore and guns and bloody spittle is wrapped around tight, buzzy, high-velocity junk-rock that sounds sorta like the scariest dudes in town jamming on Chuck Berry tunes, so fuck it, let the murder and mayhem ensue. 7/10"


And I guess that about sums us up.


We don't write love songs or protest tunes. We just sing fucked up words over big riffs with a bit of a chorus you can sing along to.


What were your highlights of 2017?


We played some gigs and made some new friends, which has been great. There's nothing better than people wanting to buy our CD or seeing people wearing one of our T-shirts.


Plans for 2018?


We've got some great gigs lined up including support slots with The Hip Priests and The Bellrays. Later in the year, we'll be putting out another album - this time on both CD for the old timers and on LP for the hipsters!


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