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Richie Ramone and the Ramonas - London, Camden Underworld - 29th November 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Johnston   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 04:45
R_Ramone_ThmbThe curiosity factor of seeing one of the last surviving Ramones giving the band's back catalogue one last shoeing has dragged a healthy smattering of die-hards along with a very curious Andrew Johnston out to the Camden Underworld on a wet and windy Tuesday night. That's right, Uber Rock was there to witness mid-'80s Ramones drummer Richie perform alongside London's all-girl tribute to his former combo, the Ramonas, and here's how the night shaped up.
Korn - 'Path Of Totality' (Roadrunner) Print E-mail
Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 12 December 2011 04:45
Korn_PathMasters of nu-metal Korn are back with their tenth studio album and are ready to confuse the fuck out of their hardcore fans by going 'dubstep'. Yup, you read that correctly, dubstep!!! Ross Welford puts down his hair straighteners and Elnett hairspray in shock and tries to figure out if this is perhaps the biggest career mistake since Chris Cornell worked with Timbaland or in fact a work of true genius.
Hard Rock Hell V The Village Of The Damned - Prestatyn, Pontins - 1st - 4th December Print E-mail
Written by Mark Taylor, Mark Ashby and Johnny H   
Sunday, 11 December 2011 05:00

Hard_Rock_Hell_thmbNow into its fifth year the UK's Hard Rock Hell festival is becoming something of an institution with those of us with a bent for hard drinking and hard rock music. Spread over 3 nights and 4 days there are more quality bands than it is humanly possible to watch with just one body so that's why we had Mark Taylor, Mark Ashby and Johnny H covering last weekend's events. Prepare for a few shocks and surprises as URHQ enters the Village Of The Damned.

Ov Dust - 'Resurrection Of An American Heretic' (American Black Metal Records) Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Sunday, 11 December 2011 04:30

ov_dust_american_hereticapproved_small_2011When Johnny Riott of NYC gutter rockers The Erotics asked us to review his 'other' band, Ov Dust, little did we know that they would be a full-on, black metal band. Mark Ashby checks out the band's 'Resurrection Of An American Heretic' album and finds songs destined to become classics of the genre.....

Justice Tonight Tour - Featuring The Farm, Pete Wylie, Mick Jones, John Robb and James Dean Bradfield - Cardiff, Solus - 1st December 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 10 December 2011 05:00
Justice_BadgeIt's not very often that we discuss football, politics and music in the same place here on Uber Rock, too much inter club/party rivalry to get in the way of our rock 'n' roll brotherly love. However when we got whiff of this cracking tour in support of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign we just had to show our support whatever our loyalties. Dom Daley stands in the presence of a true punk rock legend and can't wait to tell you all about it.
Jesse Malin & The St Marks Social - Bristol, The Fleece - 29th November 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Friday, 09 December 2011 05:00
Malin_thmbTwenty months on the road together and Jesse Malin and his St Marks Social returned to the city where it all started to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his 'Fine Art Of Self Destruction' album. Johnny H was once again on hand to pick up the story behind this very special celebration - but only just. As he is about to explain...
Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B Harvey - The Head Cat - Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Tazz Stander   
Thursday, 08 December 2011 05:00
URTV_thmbIn yet another UBERROCK TV interview exclusive Tazz Stander caught up with two legendary rock 'n' roll musicians in the backstage area of London's Relentless Garage recently to see if Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B Harvey really did Talk The Talk as well as they Walked The Walk. The result is something else that's for sure!
Wednesday 13/Michael Monroe/Crashdïet - Nottingham, Rock City - 26th November 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Johnston   
Thursday, 08 December 2011 04:45
W13_Tour_Poster_thmbWhen we heard that Wednesday 13, Michael Monroe and Crashdiet would be sharing the same concert stage right here in the UK, we thought "Wow that's a bill that any self respecting Uber Rocker would be dragging their private parts over broken glass just to get to". Andrew Johnston picks up the story of this winter's "to die for" glam rock package tour, but were you brave enough to go?
Ryan Roxie - Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Rob Lane   
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 05:00

roxie86intTeenage Casket Company bassist Rob Lane stopped whoring himself out to bands for several minutes to catch up with former Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie as he performed a hastily-arranged series of acoustic shows in the UK. Read on as he discusses his reasons for leaving Alice's band and his plans for the future in yet another must-read UR interview exclusive.....

Mariachi El Bronx/Tim Kasher - Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach - 27th November 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 05:00

El_Bronx_thmbChanging out of our regulation pirate costumes and into our charo outfits for an evening of mariachi music, URHQ had a very early Xmas party recently as Mariachi El Bronx rolled into Cardiff as part of a huge world tour in support of their second album. The office's very own Antonio Banderas (ha) picks up his sombrero and pen and prepares to get all passionate (double ha) as we bring you 'uber folk!'   

Venom - 'Fallen Angels' (Spinefarm) Print E-mail
Written by Darrel Sutton   
Monday, 05 December 2011 05:00
Venom_Fallen_AngelsLucky album 13 from the kings of black metal - Venom, and Darrel Sutton is something he is not very often...he's actually "lost for words". No, his teacher hasn't caught him masturbating underneath the desk; he's simply been blown away by Cronos and crew's latest opus. With his knee length Doc Martens very much out of the closet Sutton's about to lay down his soul to the gods rock 'n' roll. You fancy joining him?
Donal Finn - Flash Bastard - Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Sunday, 04 December 2011 05:00

flashbastardGFH86When Rich Jones of The Loyalties pointed Uber Rock in the direction of 'Rock N' Roll Must Be Destroyed', the long lost album from US glam punks Flash Bastard, little we know that we would suddenly be listening to one of the most badass releases of 2011. And if the record wasn't cool enough in itself, then the band's history will certainly make you sit up and take notice; signed to Nikki Sixx's record label and kicked off a Motley Crue/Scorpions tour for threatening to kill Klaus Meine with a pitchfork? This is yet another must-read UR interview exclusive as Ben Hughes catches up with the band's frontman Donal Finn......

Reckless Love/The Dirty Youth - Islington, O2 Academy - 26th November 2011 Print E-mail
Written by Ross Welford   
Saturday, 03 December 2011 05:30

recklesslive86Ross Welford headed to Islington on a Saturday night in an attempt to convince the Elders at URHQ that they have got it all wrong about pop rock poseurs Reckless Love. Read on as he falls hook, line and sinker for a haircut, reminding us of those '80s pop fans who worshipped at the majestic song temple of Marilyn. What do you mean "Who?"

Diary of 'Danger' from Wolfsbane Print E-mail
Written by Steve Danger   
Friday, 02 December 2011 05:00
Steve_Danger_Manning_Up_thmbWhen you get an offer from someone like Steve Danger to write you a tour diary you don't pass up on it. The guy is a fucking nutcase and then some, he also happens to be a great drummer in a great band...Wolfsbane. So when just that happened - we didn't exactly have to think twice. His band play Hard Rock Hell later tonight but right now you can find out what it's really like to be on the road with a band ready to save the rock 'n' roll world!
Tyla J Pallas - The Dogs D'Amour - Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 01 December 2011 05:00

tylathumbWant a top class Uber Rock interview exclusive to usher in December? Then here you go, as Dom Daley talks to the legendary Dogs D'Amour mainman Tyla. Want to know about that awesome new live band line-up? His plans for a new book? The reason he has decided to re-record another classic Dogs record? Then read on for yet another awesome UR interview as the Dogs prepare to embark on a UK tour.....

Isabell Oversveen (Issa) - Interview Exclusive + Signed Albums Competition Print E-mail
Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 05:00
Issa_thmbThere aren't many places on Uber Rock where you will find references to Marcie Free, Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne other than in a Dave Prince written feature. Somehow he manages to get all three singers mentioned in this rather wonderful chat with Scandinavian AOR sensation Issa and what's more he bags us some awesome signed copies of her album 'The Storm' to give away to you lucky people.

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