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Steel Panther - 'All You Can Eat' (Open E Records/KLS) Print E-mail
Written by Gaz E   
Monday, 24 March 2014 03:00

steelpantherallyoucaneatcoverSteel Panther, the comedy hair metal band beloved of those with little clue about music, return with a new album, 'All You Can Eat', filled with their typical brand of schoolboy humour and second hand riffs. Uber Rock's Gaz E came home early from a cover band gig at his local rugby club to check it out.....

Inger Lorre - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Sunday, 23 March 2014 03:00

ingermix86Leading up to the release on Record Store Day of a limited edition 7" featuring two new tracks, Uber Rock's Ben Hughes caught up with Inger Lorre to find out what she's been up to during her self-imposed exile from the music business. More importantly we wanted to get to the bottom of what happened to The Nymphs and what we can expect from her and her band in the near future. So for the answers to all these questions, and the lowdown on her friendships with the likes of Henry Rollins and Jeff Buckley, read on.

The Uber Rock Radio Show: Episode 34 Print E-mail
Written by Gaz E   
Saturday, 22 March 2014 03:00

URradio86At the end of Episode 33 of The Uber Rock Radio Show a certain member of the UR massive was offered the chance to create his own murderess metal road show by selecting the entire playlist for Episode 34. Regrets, we've had a few.....

The Peckham Cowboys/The Bleedin’ Noses - Crumlin, The Patriot - 14th March 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks & Johnny H   
Friday, 21 March 2014 03:00

PCthmbHaving released one of the Uber Rock albums of the year so far with their ‘10 Tales From The Gin Palace’ opus, The Peckham Cowboys were back in Wales last week looking to follow up the highly impressive album with a suitably impressive live show. Uber Rock’s Johnny H was on call at the Crumlin show and what he found was a band living out the rock ‘n’ roll dream, whilst Nev Brooks picks up the support band The Bleedin’ Noses. Read on to find out more.

KXM - 'KXM' (Rat Pak Records) Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Friday, 21 March 2014 02:30

KXMcoverWhat happens when you take the K from Korn, the X from King's X and the M from Lynch Mob? Well, you get KXM of course, the new band featuring dUg Pinnick, George Lynch and Ray Luzier. Uber Rock's Ben Hughes checked out the band's debut, self-titled album, and was not disappointed.....

Gus G - ‘I Am The Fire’ (Century Media) Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Thursday, 20 March 2014 03:00

Gus GAssembling a stellar cast of musicians around him for his debut solo album Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne six string shredder Gus G proudly unleashes ‘I Am The Fire this very week’. Johnny H sweats it out for Uber Rock as he sits through a dozen tracks featuring the likes of Mats Levén, Jeff Scott Soto, Michael Starr, Jacob Bunton and many more, but will our man be able to stand the heavy metal heat? Click the link to find out more.

Toseland - ‘Renegade’ (52 Music) Print E-mail
Written by Dave Prince   
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 03:00

TL Renegadeapproved small 2013Former Double World Superbike Champion James Toseland is about to release his debut album, the rather aptly named ‘Renegade’. He may label what he does ‘biker rock’ but we here at Uber Rock know what quality melodic rock sounds like when we hear it, so who better to ride pillion on this release than Dave Prince? The Uber Rock Approved emblem might just give away what our man thinks of this album, but this one even surprised the Uber elders. Click the link to find out why.

The Hip Priests/The Sick Livers/The Setbacks - Bristol, Stag And Hounds - 7th March 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks   
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 03:00

Hip Priests Bristol thmbBack on the road just a few weeks after declaring they were off to write the Uber Rock Album Of The Year, those loveable rapscallions The Hip Priests returned to the live stage for the first of a series of shows with their (bummed to death) chums The Sick Livers. Also on the bill for the opening night of the tour in Bristol were The Setbacks and Uber Rock’s Nev Brooks just had to be there to sample the night’s mischief.

The Terraces - ‘The Season So Far’ (Rebel Sound Music) Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Monday, 17 March 2014 03:00

Terraces Seasonapproved small 2013With a critically acclaimed debut album and a follow up EP already in the trophy cabinet, what have Melbourne bruisers (and avid footie fans) The Terraces got in store for us with ‘The Season So Far’? Well how about 11 cuts from those releases and an all new one in the shape of ‘Perfect Company’ pressed up on lovely coloured vinyl. Johnny H slips on his vintage Adidas Copa Mundials and prepares to get stuck in.

Graham Bonnet - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Michael Anthony   
Sunday, 16 March 2014 03:00

Bonnet thmbTonight at York Fibbers Graham Bonnet kicks off a series of live shows that look to showcase his time spent as the frontman of legendary hard rock outfit Rainbow. But as Uber Rock’s Michael Anthony soon finds out the as always unconventional singer may have a few unexpected treats in store for those fans lucky enough to have a ticket. Read on to find out more.

Chuck Norris Experiment - ‘Right Between The Eyes’ (Transubstans Records) Print E-mail
Written by Darrel Sutton   
Saturday, 15 March 2014 03:00

CNEapproved small 2013It’s been four years since the last studio album from Sweden’s Chuck Norris Experiment and Uber Rock’s Darrel Sutton wonders if ‘Right Between The Eyes’ might be the record to get him harder than a priests cock at choir practice? Read on to find out of our man has got erection once more for a band who deserve to be rock n roll megastars. Click the link as Sutton goes glunk.

FM - ‘Futurama’ EP (Membran) Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Friday, 14 March 2014 03:00

FMUber Rock’s Johnny H has had something of a love/hate relationship with UK AOR supremos FM over the years, a total convert to their glorious early days (we’ve seen the pictures to prove it) he then turned his back on the band as they ditched the keytar for blues guitar. So what would our man make of the band’s latest 57 minute long ‘Futurama’ EP, and more importantly will his satin jacket sleeves once again be rolled to half-mast? Click the link to find out.

Ron Keel - ‘Metal Cowboy’ (Self Released) Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Thursday, 13 March 2014 03:00

Ron Keel METAL COWBOY CD Coverapproved small 2013Three decades on from his humble beginnings in LA metal combo Steeler (a band that was also the launching pad for a certain Squidgy Malmsteen) Tennessee born singer/songwriter Ron Keel has never sounded happier than on his latest solo record ‘Metal Cowboy’ Uber Rock’s Mark Ashby thinks he’s found a potential Album Of The Year contender, so click the link and find out why.

Flotsam And Jetsam – ‘No Place For Disgrace 2014’ (Metal Blade Records) Print E-mail
Written by Jim Rowland   
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 03:00

FlotsamAndJetsamNoPlaceForDisgrace2014Flotsam And Jetsam will probably always - rightly or wrongly - be known as the band that Jason Newsted left to join Metallica, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is that move also helped the band’s profile  for their second long player ‘No Place For Disgrace’, for which they managed to secure a deal with Elektra. Seemingly never happy with how that album turned out 2014 sees the band re-record said opus, and here Uber Rock’s Jim Rowland gets ready to mosh like its 1988 all over again.

Exit_International/The Lash/They Told Me You Were Dead - Newport, Le Pub - 1st March 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 03:00

EIthmbHaving just released their Uber Rock Approved ‘Our Science Is Golden’ album in an expanded 2CD edition Exit_International chose one of the finest live venues in South Wales in which to celebrate the album in all its live glory. Add to the bill rock 'n' soulers The Lash and newbie post hardcore mob They Told Me You Were Dead and we had one hell of a celebration on our hands as Johnny H explains.

Gallon Drunk - 'The Soul Of The Hour' (Cloud Hills) Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Monday, 10 March 2014 03:00

gallondrunkhourcoverapproved small 2013'The Soul Of The Hour' is the eighth studio album from Gallon Drunk, the dark British alternative rock outfit following last year's 'The Road Gets Darker From Here' in style...but that uber-approved stamp already told you that, right? Uber Rock's Dom Daley found this new release simply stunning.....


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