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Head Noise – ‘Special Effects Improves The Defects’ (Self-Released) Print E-mail
Written by Nev Brooks   
Friday, 24 November 2017 04:00

Head Noise artworkapproved smallNot too long ago, Nev Brooks raved about a mini LP by a band called Bankrupt Pug, their art-punk noise really setting out their stall and raising a level of excitement live that he hadn’t experienced in a while – yet, typically, the buggers then decided to split! But, before you know it, the driving forces are back with a new incarnation. You can welcome Head Noise to the Über Rockin’ familia by clicking on the link:

Opeth/Enslaved – Belfast, Limelight 1 – 17 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby and Marc Leach   
Thursday, 23 November 2017 04:40

Opeth Belfast November 2017Two genre-defying acts on the same bill? It was going to be epic in every way… and not just in the length of the songs! This double bill was a mouthwatering prospect for the sold out Belfast crowd, who just couldn’t wait to be entranced and captivated by two of the best examples of bands who have pushed the boundaries of genrification and make up their own rules. In the middle of the fray was our very own Über boss, accompanied on this occasion by his trusty partner-in-crime, Marc L:

Marillion – Manchester, O2 Academy – 8 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Thursday, 23 November 2017 04:20

Marillion tour posterHang on a minute, here… our resident DJ reckons that Marillion are closer to a punk band than a prog one? Surely, there has to be something wrong in this assertion? Well, there is only one way to find out what he’s on about, and that’s leave your wizard’s hat, cape and other paraphernalia behind and click on this magical little link:

Lure, Burke, Stinson & Kramer – ‘L.A.M.F. Live At The Bowery Electric’ (Jungle Records) Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 23 November 2017 04:00

LAMF Live at the Bowery Electric LP sleeve 3000pxapproved smallIt’s hard to believe that it has been 40 years since the release of what Dom D proudly proclaims to be the single most ground-breaking and genre-defining album of all time. Now, three quarters of its creators may no longer be with us, but last year the sole remaining Heartbreaker teamed up with members of Blondie, MC5 and The Replacements came together to reproduce said opus in all it’s punktastic glory. Click the link to find out why DD is foaming at the mouth and prepared to crawl over broken glass to get a slice of this action:

Iron Maiden – ‘The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter’ (Warner Music) Print E-mail
Written by Jonni D   
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 04:40

iron maiden live albumHaving completed yet another epic touring cycle, before preparing to head back out on the road again early next year, Iron Maiden have just delivered fans a souvenir of their two-year recitation of ‘The Book Of Souls’ by adding a new chapter – a live album capturing the highlights of that journey.  Jonni D was the Über Rocker assigned the task of continuing the story:

Frank Iero and The Patience – Glasgow, Garage – 13 October 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Hannah Reid   
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 04:20

Frank Iero GlasgowA year on from a horrific car crash during the band’s Australian tour, Frank Iero and The Patience were back in Glasgow to reward their faithful fans for their dedication to their cause. We sent a very enthusiastic Hannah Reid to record the evening’s proceedings, and you can find out what went down on the other side of the link:

Mutation/Nomasta – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club – 27 October 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Rich Hobson and Neil Vary   
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 04:00

Ginger CroppedGinger Wildheart’s Mutation have had a wild ride. From day one issues have threatened to (and for a while, succeeded) to kill his most ambitious and divisive project, the band suffering everything from aborted studio sessions in 2011 to a black cloud of depression threatening to derail the band on their most recent album, ‘Dark Black’. And yet, Ginger has always prevailed, finding ways to overcome each and every trial that is flung his way. So it is with Ginger, so it is with Mutation. And they had more problems to overcome on the first date of their inaugural UK tour, as Rich Hobson hereby relates:

The Adicts – ‘And It Was So!’ (Nuclear Blast) Print E-mail
Written by Jim Rowland   
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 04:40

The Adicts And It Was So ArtworkWhilst the Nuclear Blast label is more commonly associated with rock, metal and doom, in recent times, they’ve done a fine job in resurrecting old punk bands, giving them a decent budget, and producing a cracking new album. Last year saw Discharge produce a storming return to form this year saw Oi! stalwarts Peter & The Test Tube Babies work similar wonders with their first album in five years, ‘That Shallot’. So has the Nuclear Blast magic rubbed off on the new album from Ipswich clockwork punks The Adicts, also their first in five years? JR has the answer on the other side of the link:

Weezer/The Orwells – Glasgow, 02 Academy - 24 October 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Allan Maxwell   
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 04:20

Weezer GlasgowThere are those bands that you have listened to for years that for some reason or other you have never got around to seeing live. Allan Maxwell rectified that situation recently, when he caught up with Weezer when they made their return to Scotland in support of their latest album, ‘Pacific Daydream’. Click the link to find out if it was worth the wait:

Kvelertak/Puppy – Sheffield/The Corporation – 27 October 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Geno D, Bona Bonmeister and Claire Simmons   
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 04:00

Kvelertak Sheffield 2017In a break from supporting the mighty Metallica on their recent stadium tour, Kvelertak kept busy by squeezing in a bunch of headline shows to promote their own new album, ‘Nattesferd’. Our Sheffield team were on hand when the Norwegians pulled into Steel City to deliver their own unique mix up of folk, rock, metal, punk and anything else that they care to throw into the melting pot. Click the link to do what it says:

Martin Barre – Preston, Guildhall – 6 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Monday, 20 November 2017 04:40

Martin BarreFollowing on from his recent interview with Jethro Tull founder and all-round guitar genius Martin Barre, Über Rock’s most travelled reviewer hit the road again, albeit to somewhere a little closer to home, to catch the man in live action. Click the link to find out why, even at the age of 70, he can still shred better than many youngsters a fraction of his age:

Bell – ‘Tidecaller’ (High Roller Records) Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 20 November 2017 04:20

Bell Traveller artworkHang on there, just one second… UR boss Monk’s Scandinavian brothers may know a thing or three about the doom metal genre, but in this latest offering from the land of his forefathers its protagonists seem to have forgotten something – that in a genre which relies on a heavy bottom end to its sound, it needs just a smidgeon of, well, bottom end, as in a bass sound… Click to link to find out why this particular release lacks that all important ingredient:

Opium Warlords – ‘Droner’ (Svart Records) Print E-mail
Written by DJ Astrocreep   
Monday, 20 November 2017 04:00

svart129 opiumwarlords droner 3000pxAn EP that lasts longer than a lot of full-length albums? Three “songs” that, between them, clock in at almost an hour in length? Well, that’s what happens in the world of drone, and there are few better exponents of the art than Sami ‘Witchfinder’ Hynninen, who has returned after a hiatus exploring doom and black metal – and even electronic music - to bore into our psyche with this, the fourth Opium Warlords offering. DJ Astrocreep delves into its murky depths:

OPINION: It’s time to #CutTheCrap on sexual harassment Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby and Natalie Conway   
Sunday, 19 November 2017 04:20

UR UmlautsIt seems that every time you turn on the news, or open a ‘paper, there is yet another string of accusations and allegations about sexual misconduct being broadcast/published about yet another high-profile media “personality” or other public figure. Earlier this week, an online message inspired music publicist Natalie Conway to put her foot down and declare that it’s time to #CutTheCrap in relation to sexual harassment, in both the real and cyber worlds. Clink the link to find out what she had to say on this vital issue:

The Über Rock Interview: Tom Farrelly (Third Lung) Print E-mail
Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Sunday, 19 November 2017 04:00

Third LungFollowing on from his review of their soon-to-be-released new EP, Gerald Stansbury reached out to Third Lung singer/guitarist Tom Farrelly to chat about the origins of the project, the writing processes the band employs and how work is progressing on that traditionally difficult second album:

Hard Rock Hell XI – Pwllheli, Hafan y Môr Holiday Camp – 11 November 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby and The Dark Queen   
Saturday, 18 November 2017 04:40

The Brink HRH XIIt hardly seems like a week has passed since the ÜR team of Monk and DQ were preparing to once more enter the rock ‘n’ roll emporium that is Camp HRH for the third and final day of the franchise’s flagship festival. But it is, and so no better time than to cast a backward glance and share their memories of another day of on stage action. You can see through the fog of time elapsed by clicking on the link that tells you what to do:


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