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Great Moments In Punk History: May Print E-mail
Written by Anthony Allen Begnal   
Sunday, 01 May 2016 02:00

BegnalPunk86Chesty Malone and the Slice 'em Ups guitar mangler Anthony Allen Begnal returned to the hallowed pages of Uber Rock at the turn of the year with a new monthly feature, Great Moments In Punk History! Anthony has paintings hanging in the LA Punk Museum, and his Punk History series is truly something to behold. So far this year we've had Wendy O. Williams, Sid Vicious, GG Allin, and Doyle in compromising positions, what will May offer us?

Baz Francis - Magic Eight Ball - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 30 April 2016 02:30

Baz in Liverpool Taken by Andrea Duarte and edited by Baz FrancisOn the eve of the brand new Magic Eight Ball album being released Uber Rock’s Dom Daley managed to bag a really good chat with Baz Francis, the band’s singer, frontman, and songwriter to talk about the band’s new record, ‘Richest Men In The Graveyard’, and whatever else he has going on in Magic Eight Ball’s world right now. Here, for your reading pleasure are some of the printable highlights of a conversation that seemed to be over in minutes but actually lasted nearly three hours…

Andrew Kline - World Be Free - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Matt Phelps   
Saturday, 30 April 2016 02:20

World Be Free albumWhen Uber Rock’s Matt Phelps reviewed ‘The Anti-Circle’, the brutally uplifting debut album from hardcore superstars World Be Free back in February he called it “a killer package loaded with excellence.” Andrew Kline, guitarist with the band, got to read Matt’s review and immediately requested their two great minds meet via the interweb. Read on for an interview where nothing is off limits, not even Donald Trump……

The Uber Rock Singles Club - April 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 30 April 2016 02:00

gaggersWith Record Store Day 2016 now nothing more than just a distant sawblade-shaped 12” memory Uber Rock’s Dom Daley opens The Uber Rock Singles Club doors to look at new releases from the likes of The Gaggers, Hung Like Jack, Maniac plus many, many more. Hit the link, then, to join him in seven inch heaven.

The Bellrays - York, Fibbers - 15th April 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Friday, 29 April 2016 03:20

bellrayslive86Without a new album on the shelves in five years, it was somewhat surprising to see California's cult punk-rock-soul outfit The Bellrays announcing a headline tour of the UK. Surprising maybe, but not pretty much incredible, as detailed by Uber Rock's Ben Hughes.....

Flotsam And Jetsam - ‘Flotsam And Jetsam’ (AFM Records) Print E-mail
Written by Ross Welford   
Thursday, 28 April 2016 03:00

Flotsam and JetsamHaving inked a worldwide deal with AFM Records Arizonan thrash legends Flotsam And Jetsam return next month with a twelve-track, self-titled, all-new studio record. Uber Rock’s long-time fan of the band, Ross Welford, takes a sneak peek at the album and says “Forget The Big 4” in the process. Hit the link, then, to find out why…..

Magic Eight Ball - ‘Richest Men In The Graveyard’ (Magic Cat Records) Print E-mail
Written by Rob Watkins   
Wednesday, 27 April 2016 03:00

Richest Men In The Graveyard front cover artwork by Matt Whitbyapproved small 2013According to their PR blurb Magic Eight Ball's third studio album is a New Orleans-inspired funeral album; a Hallowe'en record for all seasons. Uber Rock’s Rob Watkins simply thinks ‘Richest Men In The Graveyard’ is “a beautiful masterpiece.” Hit the link, then, to find out why this might be the band’s most accomplished record to date.

The Posies - 'Solid States' (Lojinx) Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 26 April 2016 03:00

possol300Iconic power pop outfit The Posies return with album number eight, released in the UK via the always cool Lojinx. With major life events influencing the song writing, 'Solid States' may well sound a little different but, as Uber Rock's Ben Hughes discovered, the results are no less impressive.....

American Hi-Fi - 'American Hi-Fi Acoustic' (Rude Records) Print E-mail
Written by Gaz Tidey   
Monday, 25 April 2016 03:00

AHFacoustic300approved small 2013To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of their first album, American Hi-Fi have reimagined the self-titled debut record as an acoustic tour de force. Uber Rock's Gaz Tidey is connected to the sound, and he's got pictures on the wall of all the girls he's loved before.....

Glen Matlock - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Sunday, 24 April 2016 04:00

glenint86With the Rich Kids reforming for a one-off show in London in May what better reason for Uber Rock's Dom Daley to ring Glen Matlock to get the lowdown on all things Rich Kids and throw a few other questions at him? Hit the link for yet another must-read Uber Rock interview exclusive!

Midnite Mixtape Massacre - Taylor Busby - Purple Print E-mail
Written by Taylor Busby   
Sunday, 24 April 2016 03:00

taylormix86Purple are probably the coolest band to hail from the small town of Beaumont, Texas. While their debut album was an ear bomb of infectious punk pop done just right, the sophomore album is a modern slice of sexy, alt. rock with a slick production and more influences than you can shake a stick at. Uber Rock caught up with guitarist/vocalist Taylor Busby to find out about those influences and discover why you should hit the parking lot and ride the 'Mini Van' with the Texas trio.

Swamp Delta - 'Sick Liver Blues' (Self Released) Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 23 April 2016 03:00

swamp300coverapproved small 2013Take a trio of members from legendary Leicester outfit Crazyhead, throw in a Gaye Byker On Acid, and what do you get? You get Swamp Delta, bruthas and sistas, and also, as Uber Rock's Dom Daley discovered, you get a very special album entitled 'Sick Liver Blues'.....

The 69 Eyes - 'Universal Monsters' (Nuclear Blast) Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Friday, 22 April 2016 03:00

69eyesuniversalcover500Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes return with eleventh studio album, 'Universal Monsters', promising that this new splatter platter should matter as it sounds like the natural follow-up to classic album, 'Paris Kills'. Uber Rock's Ben Hughes smeared garlic over his tender, bulbous veins as he entered the crypt to investigate.....

Skold - 'The Undoing' (Metropolis Records) Print E-mail
Written by Gaz Tidey   
Thursday, 21 April 2016 03:00

skoldcover300Tim Sköld - yes, he of Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, and Marilyn Manson - returns to the solo band he started in 1996, 'The Undoing' just the third official full-length Skold release in two decades. Uber Rock's Gaz Tidey listens to a memorable album that almost didn't see release.....

Overkill / Vader / One Machine - Belfast, Limelight 1 - 9th April 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Wednesday, 20 April 2016 03:00

Overkill thmbThirty six years. That’s how long Uber Rock’s Mark Ashby had waited to see New York thrash legends Overkill play his hometown of Belfast. That wait came to an end recently when the Wrecking Crew finally hit the Limelight with Vader and One Machine in tow as part of an extensive UK tour. Hit the ‘Read more’ link to do just that.

Weezer / Dinosaur Pile-Up - Manchester, Academy - 3rd April 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Rich Hobson   
Tuesday, 19 April 2016 03:00

Weezer thmbWith their ‘White Album’ still fresh in the racks Weezer descended on the UK for a duo of dates in Manchester and London. Uber Rock’s Rich Hobson was lucky enough to secure some tickets for the first show in Manchester and in the process secure a night full of colour-themed nerdy pop punk magic, oh and an awesome support set from Dinosaur Pile-Up too. Hit the link, then, to join him down the front.


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