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Midnite Mixtape Massacre - The Empty Page Print E-mail
Written by The Empty Page   
Sunday, 31 January 2016 03:00

The Empty Page liveSalfordIn a little under 24 hours hot shot alt rockers The Empty Page release their new single, ‘Deeply Unlovable’, digitally worldwide. To help celebrate this significant event on the Uber Rock calendar we asked Kel, Giz and Jim from the band to compile their very own 13 track mixtape to help introduce the uninitiated to their rather unique sound. You are but a mouse click away from a real lesson in cool music plus a chance to view their brand new video.

Baz Francis - 'Live At Molly Malone's, Los Angeles, CA' (Magic Cat Records) Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Saturday, 30 January 2016 03:00

bazlacover300Baz Francis, frontman of Magic Eight Ball, packed his stripy trousers into a paisley fanny pack (possibly) and headed off to the US of A last year to entertain the masses with his acoustical merriment and songwriting to die for. Uber Rock's Dom Daley listens to a show from Los Angeles that you too can have in your very own Baz shrine.....

Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions - ‘Shit Generation’ (STP Records) Print E-mail
Written by Rich Hobson   
Friday, 29 January 2016 03:00

SHIT GENERATION - COVER ARTapproved small 2013‘Shit Generation’ is the hotly anticipated all new album from Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions. Uber Rock’s Rich Hobson got a sneak early listen and couldn’t wait to tell you all about what treats lie ahead for fans of The Eruptions and Dirt Box Disco alike. So what you waiting for? Hit the link!

Inglorious - ‘Inglorious’ (Frontiers Music Srl) Print E-mail
Written by Dave Prince   
Thursday, 28 January 2016 03:00

IngloriousMuch hyped UK classic rockers Inglorious are planning to set the world alight with the impending release of their eleven-track self-titled debut album. But is there any substance behind all the media hyperbole? Uber Rock’s Dave Prince seems to think so, and here he explains why this band more than any other could be destined for very big things…

Rick Springfield - 'Rocket Science' (Frontiers Music Srl) Print E-mail
Written by Gaz Tidey   
Wednesday, 27 January 2016 03:00

rickrocket500Rick Springfield returns with new album, 'Rocket Science', his eighteenth studio album and fourth in collaboration with Frontiers. Uber Rock's Gaz Tidey investigates Rick's claims that this is a wide-ranging pop/rock record, finding that, yep, the heartthrob is telling the truth.....

Razorbats - ‘Camp Rock’ (Self Destructo Records) Print E-mail
Written by Martin Haslam   
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 03:00

Razorbatsapproved small 2013With all the recent dour news regarding musicians leaving us way too early we needed an album of feelgood music to lift the spirits here at URHQ. ‘Camp Rock’ by Norwegian rockers Razorbats might be just the album required, then, mixing as it does the pop sensibilities of Cheap Trick and early '80s KISS with more than just a hint of Hanoi Rocks. At the review controls for this one, new kid in town, Martin Haslam.

CJ Wildheart - 'Robot' (Self Released) Print E-mail
Written by Gaz Tidey   
Monday, 25 January 2016 03:00

cjrobotcoverapproved small 2013Commercial releases of albums by Ginger Wildheart and Scott Sorry, and new records from The Dowling Poole and Danny McCormack's Main Grains not enough for Wildhearts fans at the start of 2016? Then how about 'Robot', the massive new album from CJ Wildheart? Uber Rock's Gaz Tidey already has a place pencilled into his Album of the Year list.....

Nick Beggs - The Mute Gods - Uber Rock Exclusive Interview Print E-mail
Written by Eamon O’Neill   
Sunday, 24 January 2016 04:00

Mute Gods thumb‘Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me’ the debut album from The Mute Gods hit the shelves this very weekend. Here Nick Beggs the driving force behind the band tells Uber Rock’s Eamon O’Neill all about his new record, what it means to also be working with Steven Wilson, what it was like being a an eighties pop sensation and the fall out he experienced from that era.

Alien Ant Farm / InMe - Birmingham, O2 Institute - 6th January 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Rich Hobson   
Saturday, 23 January 2016 03:00

AAFthmbUber Rock’s Rich Hobson loves UK Alt. Rock stalwarts InMe, in fact he loves them so much he was prepared to buy a ticket to see them supporting Alien Ant Farm, a band he kind of remembered from his childhood due to a few hit videos on MTV, but knew very little of otherwise. Here our intrepid scribe gets to vent some spleen whilst in the process also has his eyes opened by a performance he really was not expecting. Hit the link to find out more.

Panic! At The Disco - 'Death Of A Bachelor' (DCD2/Fuelled By Ramen) Print E-mail
Written by Rob Watkins   
Friday, 22 January 2016 03:00

paniccover300Uber Rock's Rob Watkins dusts off his pinks cords once again as he delves under the counter for another hot new album release: this time it's 'Death Of A Bachelor', the new studio album from Panic! At The Disco. Well, you'd panic too if The Butcher had you in his sights.....

Chelsea - ‘Anthology One’ (Westworld Recordings) Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Thursday, 21 January 2016 03:00

ChelseaLast year UK punk rockers Chelsea released the superb ‘Saturday Night Sunday Morning’ album via Westworld Recordings. In 2016 their label turns its attentions to the band’s extensive back catalogue by releasing a series of Anthologies. ‘Anthology One’ covers ‘Chelsea’, ‘Alternative Hits’ and ‘Evacuate’ and here Uber Rock’s Johnny H gets to experience these records all over again….

Last In Line - 'Heavy Crown' (Frontiers Records) Print E-mail
Written by Lee Kendrick   
Wednesday, 20 January 2016 03:00

LILHCcover300Formed by ex-Dio members Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice, and Jimmy Bain, Last In Line started as a bit of fun, but with the recruitment of a vocalist and the securing of a record deal with Frontiers things have suddenly become a lot more serious. Uber Rock's Lee Kendrick was happy to hear that debut album, 'Heavy Crown', is a solid throwback to '80s Dio.....

Prong - ‘X-No Absolutes’ (Steamhammer / SPV) Print E-mail
Written by Johnny H   
Tuesday, 19 January 2016 03:00

Prongapproved small 2013Hot on the heels of last year's ‘Songs From The Black Hole’ covers set and their superb ‘Ruining Lives’ record from 2014, New York-based extreme music veterans Prong had a very tall order to make an even better follow up record for release in 2016. ‘X-No Absolutes’, which is due to hit the shelves in a few weeks time, might have done just that though, and here’s Uber Rock’s Johnny H to tell us why.

Megadeth - ‘Dystopia’ (UMC) Print E-mail
Written by Eamon O'Neill   
Monday, 18 January 2016 03:00

MegadethDave Mustaine and his bass playing cohort David Ellefson return later this month with the release of Megadeth’s fifteen studio record. Along for the ride this time around are guitarist Kiko Loureiro, and drummer Chris Adler, making for what Uber Rock’s Eamon O’Neill reckons could be, Megadeth version 8.0 (or thereabouts) So, is ‘Dystopia’ actually any good? Hit the link and all will be revealed.

Joe Elliott - Def Leppard - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Steve Beebee   
Sunday, 17 January 2016 04:00

joeE86I suppose an exclusive interview with Joe Elliott is out of the question?! Steve Beebee caught up with the Def Leppard frontman when the legendary British band's co-headline tour with Whitesnake hit the Genting Arena in Birmingham at the business end of 2015. Uber Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop) with yet another massive, must-read interview exclusive.....

Chris Holmes - Uber Rock Interview Exclusive Print E-mail
Written by Matt Phelps   
Sunday, 17 January 2016 03:30

chrisholmesint86Metalheads used to raise the horns in the direction of Chris Holmes, but recently they have been raising eyebrows. Comments made by the former W.A.S.P. guitarist following the death of Lemmy certainly rubbed many up the wrong way, so Uber Rock got Matt Phelps straight on the blower to the Mean Man, hopefully to set the record straight.....


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