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Alter Bridge/Red Sun Rising – Belfast, Ulster Hall – 21 June 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby and The Dark Queen   
Saturday, 24 June 2017 05:00

Alter Bridge - BelfastIt had been a long time since Über bosses Monk and DQ had rock ‘n’ rolled in the historic Ulster Hall, one of the most iconic venues on these isles… and we know the head honcho will do almost anything for his beloved other half. So, when it was announced that Alter Bridge were playing their only UK headline show of this current run in their home city, there was only one thing the man with the plan could do:

Download – 10 June 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Rich Hobson and Jonni D   
Saturday, 24 June 2017 04:30

Download DogHaving survived the first day of Download without a drop of rain, Über Rock’s intrepid dynamic duo of Rich Hobson and Jonni D were up and about bright and early for the second day’s action, wasting no time in heading into the moshpits, grabbing as much action as they could and reporting from the frontlines of Donington’s multiple stages. Click the link to see what bands impressed our makeshift team:

Madina Lake – Glasgow, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut – 31 May 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 24 June 2017 04:00

Madina Lake - GlasgowFour years ago, Chicago alt-metallers Madina Lake undertook their “farewell” tour… but, guess what? Less than three years later, they’ve just finished their “comeback” jaunt around Shit Island. Hannah Reid returned to the very same venue where she thought she’d seen them for the last time… but, could she control her excitement at getting to do it all over again? Click the link to find out:


Cheap Trick - ‘We’re All Alright’ (Big Machine Records) Print E-mail
Written by Gerald Stansbury   
Friday, 23 June 2017 04:30

Cheap Trick - WAA artworkapproved small 2013Forty years since they released their self-titled debut album, Cheap Trick – regarded as one of the most eccentric and innovative, never minding enduring, hard rock bands of their generation – have emerged from the studio once again to present us with their 18th studio album. Our man Gerald Stansbury reckons it’s a wee bit more than alright, as he heaps copious praise on the opus and recommends that you rush out and get a copy post haste – but not until you’ve clicked the link to find out why:


Download – 9 June 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Rich Hobson and Jonni D   
Friday, 23 June 2017 04:00

Download DogWell, the festival season is now officially underway, and the UK’s biggest contribution to the circuit pulled one massive surprise – it didn’t rain all fucking weekend! This year’s Download may not have brought the rain and mud, but it did bring some of the biggest, and the hottest, names in rock and metal to the historic Castle Donington setting – and, naturally, Über Rock was there, with our dynamic duo flitting from stage to stage to bring you their highlights of the first day:

Devin Townsend/Mind Riot – Belfast, Limelight – 13 June 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Jonni D and Marc Leach   
Thursday, 22 June 2017 04:30

Devin Townsend BelfastFollowing a triumphant set at Download Festival and having just been named Metal Hammer’s ‘Riff Lord’ at the Golden Gods Award Ceremony, there has been a lot to celebrate in the Devin Townsend camp of late. And it appeared that there were plenty of fans willing to join him in revelling in his recent successes when ‘Hevy Devy’ traversed the Irish Sea for a couple of one-off headline shows… among them was the Über Rock team of Jonni D and Marc Leach:

Banditos - 'Visionland' (Bloodshot Records) Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Thursday, 22 June 2017 04:00

Banditos artworkBanditos look like the sorta band our man Ben Hughes could easily sit down and have a drink with, and equally one with whom he could do a dodgy deal or two. More importantly, they sound like the real deal in rock 'n' roll terms. Click the link to find out how Bennyman got enraptured by the their down-home brand of countrified, honky tonkin’ psychedelic pink ‘n’ soul:

Four Year Strong – Glasgow, The Garage - 8 June 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Allan Maxwell   
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 04:30

FYS Glasgow 1Four Year Strong have been tearing up stages across Shit Island and beyond, as they celebrate the tenth anniversary of their breakthrough ‘Rise Or Die Trying’ album. It’s probably fair to say that they definitely have done the former, and that it doesn’t suck to be FYS at the moment… as Allan Maxwell found out when the tour pulled into Glasgow earlier this month:

42 Decibel – ‘Overloaded’ (Steamhammer/SPV) Print E-mail
Written by Phil Cooper   
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 04:00

42 Decibel artworkIt’s only rock ‘n’ roll mofos, but we love, love, love it… especially when it’s turned up LOUD! And, as Phil Cooper discovered when he twisted his volume button as far as it would go, it doesn’t come much louder than this quartet of rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ reprobates from down South America way… click the link to find out why our man is simply overloaded on guitar driven anthems and his headbangin’ till his ears pop:

Aerosmith/Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Dublin, 3Arena - 14 June 2017 Print E-mail
Written by Marc Leach   
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 04:41

Aerosmith Dublin 2The Toxic Twins are currently saying ‘Aero-Vederci Baby’ to the world – at least in terms of touring (although there is a massive temptation to caveat that assertion with an “allegedly”). Following their stunning performance at a surprisingly dry Download the previous weekend, they crossed the Irish Sea to say farewell to their fans on the Emerald Isle… Marc Leach puffed out what’s left of his hair, squeezed into his favourite spandex and boogie-d his way down to the front:

Tainted Lady – ‘How The Mighty Have Fallen’ (Mighty Music) Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 04:11

Tainted Lady artworkIt’s very rarely that a band, and an album, come along, stand toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose with you, curl their collective lips into a defiant snarl, look you straight in the eye and then spit a defiant statement right in your face. Tainted Lady and their debut album are just such a combination, as Mark Ashby found when he stepped into the ring to confront both head on:

The Uber Rock Interview: Tyler Bryant Print E-mail
Written by Mark Ashby   
Monday, 19 June 2017 18:50

Tyler Bryant - BelfastTyler Bryant & The Shakedown have just completed a run of high profile dates which started at Download, then saw them move on to supporting Aerosmith and Guns N Roses. In between, they stopped off in Belfast for a headlining show, where Über Rock’s husband-and-wife team of Mark Ashby and The Dark Queen caught up with the Nashville quartet’s frontman for a quick chat:

Valor – ‘Arrogance The Fall’ (Pitch Black Records) Print E-mail
Written by Phil Cooper   
Monday, 19 June 2017 04:52

Valor artworkThey say that pride comes before a fall. Well, in the case of Greek power metallers Valor, it is arrogance which causes that effect, as they set out to prove on their third, just-released long-player. Our man sent into battle on this one was the more than capable Phil Cooper. Click the link to find out if he was left in a bleeding heap after leaping from a cliff face, or did he triumph over the adversity of mediocrity:

Iced Earth – ‘Incorruptible’ (Century Media) Print E-mail
Written by Marc Leach   
Monday, 19 June 2017 04:12

Iced Earth - IncorruptibleUS metal titans Iced Earth have just released their 12th studio album – an achievement which in itself is a testament to their determination and longevity. But, would our resident shredder Marc Leach fall for the charms of the ‘Seven Headed Whore’, or would he be overwhelmed by the ‘Great Heathen Horde’, forcing him to wave the ‘Black Flag’? Click the link to find out:

Baz Francis: ‘Face That Launched A Thousand Shipwrecks World Tour 2017’ Tour Diary Print E-mail
Written by Baz Francis   
Sunday, 18 June 2017 05:00

Baz Trainwrecks artworkHaving already regaled us with tales of his (mis)adventures in Macedonia and Finland, in the second part of his tour diary, written exclusively for Über Rock, Baz Francis once again criss-crosses countries and continents as his travels take him from a remote corner of Turkey to the legendary pyramids of Giza. Click the link to share his stories from the road – and his thoughts on the untimely death of Chris Cornell:

The Über Rockin’ Inside Story: SOS Festival Print E-mail
Written by Linzi A   
Sunday, 18 June 2017 04:30

SOS SquareThe tenth anniversary iteration of SOS Festival takes place in Prestwich (which is in north Manchester for those of you for whom geography isn’t a strongpoint) over the weekend of 14 – 16 July. Over the past decade, the festival has grown into one of the most eagerly anticipated celebrations of independent hard rock and metal. In advance of this year’s event, Über Rock asked organizers Lynne Hampson and Mark Appleton to give us the lowdown on what to expect next month:


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