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Written by Todd Youth   
Thursday, 08 October 2009 09:05

1toddliveIt says 'The Chelsea Smiles' in the header for this article yet anyone who has read Über Röck's exclusive interview with Todd Youth knows that the Smiles are no more. Todd has been promising to entertain us with a tale of a hellish show for some time now - when we caught up with him to get the dirt on the end of The Chelsea Smiles, he finally gave in.........



"I've been touring for twenty three years so there's lots of gigs from hell, but this is one of my favorites.


The last tour I did with Danzig in 2007, we're playing this place in Portland - sold out. I run to the other side of the stage - now mind you, this is one of those old theaters and there's a big column on stage left (whose bright idea was that?!), so I gotta get back to my side of the stage to sing a back up part or do the dance with my effect pedals. I look out of the corner of my eye to make sure I don't run into Glen, turn around and start going for right into the collum, knocked myself out, break the neck on my guitar and come to with GD, Karl and Steve Zing standing over me with their jaws just hanging.


I got a busted guitar and a big old knot on my forehead. I get through the show - my head's killing me and I'm bummed about my guitar. Encore time, we bring Doyle out to play some Misfits songs and, during 'Skulls', I'm rockin' out and all of a sudden I get hit right in the face with a GIANT tennis shoe! And let me tell you, that shit hurt way worse than knocking myself out! Ha ha!!!"


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