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Written by A.D. Adams   
Saturday, 01 December 2012 02:30



Uber Rock caught up with Crash Street Kids drummer A.D. Adams a few months ago for another one of those must-read interview exclusives that we throw around like confetti - read the interview here - and now the supercool sticksman returns to share with Uber Rock Soldiers Worldwide his very own Gig From Hell. Yes, Hell is gig-shaped even for Sweet Creatures.....



A.D. Adams:


"Most of the gigs go pretty much as planned, but this is Rock and Roll, so yes, there is one entire tour that had to be cancelled.


Our brand new bus broke down on our way to the way to the first show. We got as far as the Arizona/New Mexico border and had to get towed into Gallup, New Mexico. The company that sold us the bus had no intention of towing us back home for repairs, nor providing alternate transportation, so we were stranded for three days....and then the snowstorm hit!! You get the picture...!!
Another one was a rather large, Indie Film Festival. The production crew were just AWFUL, and we had pretty much had it "up to here" with those clowns. The sound was just awful. Each band that played before us sounded worse than the one before it! By the time we hit the stage, most of the audience was gone, we were not in too good a mood, and we had banged a few cocktails by then.


Ryan, our singer, really let 'em have it over the mic after every song, which really only ended up being four songs, as I recall, until they finally just shut us down. Ryan was fantastic! He ripped them to shreds, and for a while, I don't even think they knew he was rippin' 'em! He was vicious!! Freakin' great.....!"





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