Mark Alberici and Marco Argiro - The Killing Floor - Gig From Hell Print E-mail
Written by Mark Alberici and Marco Argiro   
Thursday, 30 December 2010 05:00

One of a few new bands to really stood out for us this year was The Killing Floor, who we first saw on Jesse Malin's UK Summer tour.  As we were seemingly press-ganged into an interview with them (which you can read here) by their guitarist Mark Alberici (well if Johnny H is be believed anyway) we thought the least the guys could do was give us their very own Gigs From Hell stories.  So here they are for you all to enjoy.


Mark; Gigs from hell, I'm not so sure? Well I did do a show once with a previous band I was in, where a very short, drunk man took his pants off and exposed himself while jumped around in the front row. I guess that could say more about the band than anything, it was pretty funny though. Luckily we haven't really had any bad gigs with The Killing Floor.


Marco; One of the 1st shows I played in New York was when I was between bands and performing solo in Greenwich Village. I only brought one guitar to the gig and during the last note of my 1st song I broke my 'A' string.  There was no one else in the room with another guitar, and I made the mistake of not bringing extra strings. Making it thru that set was a nightmare, but I ended up improvising and finishing the show.