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Written by Patrick Fuchs   
Wednesday, 29 December 2010 05:00

To mix things up a bit when we had the chance to chat with Patrick Fuchs, lead singer with Ross The Boss, recently we decided before we started with the usual Q&A thing that the very first question was going to be to tell us about a Gig From Hell that he would have either done or witnessed.


We didn't do this to shock him you understand; it was just to make the interview not necessarily your usual run of the mill affair.  Umm... we think we actually ended up doing both in the end, as you can see below (you can also read the full interview here).


OK. Ha! Ha! That's certainly a strange question though... Well, I'm not sure if it qualifies for "Gig From Hell" but, when we played Italy last time it was a cool open air show, just a couple of meters away from the river Po? (I think it was that river anyway)


It was really hot in the daytime and quite humid at night when we hit the stage. And, after only two minutes, I slipped terribly (during the first song) and found myself lying on the floor, in the very middle of the stage. That certainly didn't look too heroic.


And, when our bass player, Carsten, switched to his solo sound, his effect board obviously was wrecked. No one knew before, but the solo sound was ten times as loud as it should have been? All you could hear was this BASS! And we all looked pretty shit-scared - Carsten the most. You should have seen our expressions!!