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Written by John Robb   
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 05:00

With a career in music spanning 33 years, when I caught up with Goldblade frontman John Robb recently (you can read that interview here) I was sure he would have a juicy moral or two to tell us regarding his own personal Gigs From Hell.  Read on to find out exactly why John Robb is renowned for being one of the nicest frontmen you will ever have the pleasure to meet.


I saw some 'gigs from hell' in the punk days in the early eighties - too much violence! But those were intense times... seen some crazy stuff go down when touring with Goldblade but never any gig from hell stuff! I've been ill on tour, worn out, burned out but the gigs have always been great. Soul power!


We have done gigs where everything broke on the stage and the sound was terrible, we have driven thirteen hours got out the van and felt like zombies but still played, we toured America with GBH and Rob our brilliant drummer had to go home after two days because his dad was ill and GBH's drummer learned our set in two hours and played drums for the rest of the tour for us and did an amazing job - what a top bloke!