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Written by Alan Williamson   
Saturday, 10 November 2012 03:00




Wembley Arena, London - 23rd February 2010


We were in the middle of the 'Into the Wild' tour with 30 Seconds to Mars. London shows at the best of times can be pretty hectic and today was no exception. My day consisted of a lot of press/interviews and general stress of playing Wembley Arena for the first time to a sold out crowd!


The day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go on stage. Myself, Steven, Mark and our crew were stood side stage when the lights dropped. Our intro music came on and the adrenaline instantly kicked in. At this point, all you are hoping for is to come out the other side having had a wicked show!


We walked out in front of 11,000 screaming fans. I was handed my bass guitar and getting ready to kick straight into our first song, when I turned around and realised that my bass amp wasn't switched on!! Instant panic!


A billion thoughts entered my head all at once. Do I run to opposite end of the stage and alert my band mates about the issue, before they start playing? Do I alert my guitar tech of the fault? Is it even a fault or is my amp just switched off? I ran to my amp, switched it on then alerted the guys. We had to then stand around for a minute while my amp powered up, which doesn't seem like a long time in any other circumstance but when you're stood in front of crowd that big, it genuinely felt like a lifetime!! It totally threw me off track and I wasn't able to enjoy the show.


Two years later, I can finally think back on it and laugh!


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