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Written by Pontus Snibb   
Friday, 20 November 2009 12:06


Bonafide_Live_2Bonafide didn't exactly get an easy start. One of our first shows ever was on a rock 'n' roll cruise between Stockholm and Helsinki. The weather was rough that night, to put it mildly.

When we came on board the captain was at the stage level strapping everything on stage down as tightly as possible saying, "We're expecting a bad storm guys."


As I tend to get seasick I was of course terrified, and started feeling sick right away.
As we left Stockholm things certainly started to both rock and roll....

I got myself a nice bucket to keep behind my amp on stage in case of an emergency, and I rather foolishly also downed some drinks to think of something else other than puking.
An hour before show time our other guitarist Michael, normally quite a disciplined fella was looking, shall we say, a bit 'over relaxed'. I asked him to get a cup of strong coffee, and after five minutes he came back with what seemed to be another puke bucket, but this one was filled with Irish coffee. As we staggered on stage, me white as snow and Michael drunk as hell, we studiously tried to perform some decent rock 'n' roll.

What we didn't know at this point was that the sound engineer also suffered from seasickness and, during the middle of the show, the drums were gone in the monitors and apparently in the main speaker system as well. We continued playing and I tried my best to keep on singing without throwing up on the mic.


Somehow, but don't ask me how, we did get through the gig without me throwing up, which was a victory in itself.

It was afterwards that we got the news that the sound guy had in fact thrown up on part of the mixer board, messing up the drum channels so that's why they stopped working mid set, ha ha ha.... rock 'n' roll, eh?!