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Written by Geir Arne Dale   
Sunday, 16 September 2012 04:00




Ross Welford reviewed the Beau Hill-produced 'R.O.C.K.S' album from Norwegian melodic rockers Humbucker last month so, with our Hell's Gigs section almost freezing over, he twisted the arm of the band's drummer Geir Arne Dale to gift us a chucklesome tale of when booze and a battle of the bands collided in highly amusing fashion.....

"Back in 2000 we entered the national championship in rock. We entered as a trio with Vidar doing the lead vocals and we played 'Doing My Job' and 'That Girl Of Mine' during the contest cause that was the only original songs we had at the time.


For the final you would have to play two new songs but our plan was just to play the same songs...only switching the order! They wouldn't notice we thought!


We drank a lot that day and ended up totally drunk. As a matter of fact, I can't remember even being at that contest at all, neither can Lars Stian! What a stupid way to enter a national championship!!


Anyway, we were making totally fools out of ourselves and got thrown out of the backstage area as they would only allow "civilised persons" in there! We did not understand of course and would tell everyone they were amateurs and that we would show them when we got on stage!


We played the two songs, probably very bad, and waiting for the results I must have fallen to sleep cause I can't remember anything of it. After a while we asked someone if they had heard the results and as we were absolutely sure we'd won - we were shocked to find out that Humbucker wasn't mentioned at all!!


In other words, we were not even amongst the 25 bands or something mentioned for the final!


Again they were all amateurs of course, shouting and screaming on our way out, and we went home still thinking we should have won!


These days we perform sober and take the party after the gig if we want one, but back then we didn't care. Entering a national championship in rock so drunk you don't know you're there is no success! Don't do it! Believe it: We know!!"


A full interview with Humbucker will follow on the hallowed pages of Uber Rock in the coming weeks.


To pick up a copy of 'R.O.C.K.S' - CLICK HERE