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Written by Tod Howarth   
Thursday, 10 September 2009 22:29



1todhowarthgigTod Howarth has toured the world with the likes of Frehley's Comet, Ted Nugent and Cheap Trick and, after providing us with one of the most popular interviews we've ever done, Über Röck just couldn't let him leave until he had given us at least a little taste of gig hell.....


"HELL experiences?  Well, let me think back here...hmmmm...



Okay, Frehley's Comet - while on tour our leased tour bus, which was loaded with all our belongings, dropped us off at a hotel one morning.  Before we could get our luggage unloaded - including my small reel to reel 8 track studio - and checked in at the front desk, the bus and driver took off not to return. 



It 'seems' that there was a 'misunderstanding' about owed money to the bus leasing company and they told him to bolt.  Holy Shit...our stuff and my songs on tape plus the little studio that I had just bought back then....huge to us back then as we were toast that morning...."


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