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Written by Eric Dover   
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 11:04


Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Alice Cooper, Slash's Snakepit - Eric Dover has certainly taken a cooler rock 'n' roll journey than most. When asked about any particularly hellish gig experiences, his tales didn't disappoint.....

"...Well, there was this time in the Midwest where Eric Singer's drum tech at the time and I stole a golf cart that belonged to the security detail working the show. We drove outside the backstage at 35mph passing all the toilets and festival goers, waving at people. We clipped a merch tent that was empty and promptly fucked it right up. It trashed the front end of the golf cart too. We slyly returned and parked it next to the other twenty that were there and in ten minutes every cop in Minnesota was backstage looking for the perps to this heinous crime. It was fun at the time. It became a very expensive bit of fun in the end :(

Oh, and there was an English festival that we played with The Darkness when I was with Alice. That was a gnarly one. My gear was fucked up from the beginning; guitars were out of tune, dreadful. So I beat up the backline amps a bit and I smashed a guitar.Then, as Alice and I are alone onstage playing 'Only Women Bleed' the fucking promoter came out on stage and said we had to stop. I screamed "get off the fucking stage!" We then proceeded to get the fuck out of Dodge and the crowd got pissed......"

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