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Written by Gerry Laffy   
Sunday, 01 July 2012 04:00





I'd say my all time Gig From Hell experience was when I was playing with John Taylor strangely, despite the usual luxury of gigging with an ex major star.


We did an East Coast US tour on a very cool tour bus. We got down to Hallandale Florida as we hit some huge hurricane. We battled to the hotel in the afternoon through horizontal rain and Gerry_Laffy_Livehail. That night we had to wade from the hotel over to the gig, as the water was some 6 inches deep. We played to maybe 15 or 20 people who'd made it but it was a fantastic gig.


A lot of the time with John Taylor I had crushed 2 discs in my back, my back was fucked and getting worse with the gigging and travel from UK/USA/Japan/Taiwan/Germany etc. I remember one gig in Taipei where I told the band to leave the hotel without me, I made up some excuse I had to wait back, I didn't want them to see I could barely walk. I used a room service trolley to lean on to get me to the lift, and then I held on to walls to get me there.


No one ever realised I was wearing a back brace and a tens machine. It was a fucking awful time...3 years of serious back pain and issues, but thankfully it's all over with now.

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