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Written by Oli   
Friday, 31 July 2009 16:21


Oli, drummer with Canadian metallers Stareblind - whose album 'Something Left Unexplained' has just been released - came up with this answer when asked if Hell really is gig shaped.....

".....It was in some random bar in Sherbrooke - Winter time. A two hour ride to get there to realize that the place was an old messy place for drunkards. All sound gear was withdrawn from the place the day before we got there.. Payphones had just been shut down. They had issues with electricity too, so there was no heating. Steam was coming out of our mouths.

The shaky stage was made out of a bunch of crates with a carpet on top. There was a spot where you had to avoid walking if you didn't want to end up falling in the middle of the stage. Bands were total amateurs, bringing their gear inside the place by crossing in front of the the few people that were attending the show. After the show we finally struggled and got 30$ for a gaz bill that rounded up to four times that amount...."