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Written by Sean Pierce   
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 21:36

sean_pierceToilet Boys and Theo & The Skyscrapers guitarist Sean Pierce turned in one of my favourite interviews with the treasure trove of trash talk that he gave exclusively for ÜBER RÖCK. Not content with just that, he also reeled off a great answer when asked if he had any particularly hellish gig experiences....

".....Ohhh we have a lot of those! But one that comes to mind for me personally is setting my hand on fire! It was before I switched to lamp oil for breathing fire - I was using grain alcohol and it doesn't "burn off"..... so I spit fire at this one gig all over my hand - when it caught on fire I was so caught up in the rock that I just threw it up in the air like
"FUCK YEAHHHHH!!!!!" and I burned for like three or four seconds before I put it out....

We were leaving for LA the next day so I didn't go to the hospital or anything - I went to our drummer Eddie's place (Toilet Boys drummer Electric Eddie) and he gave me four roofies to kill the terrible pain that I was in... but it didn't kill the pain, it just made me fucked up like a drunk toddler. My hand turned into a giant blister like the elephant man during our whole first tour of LA! I can't believe I didn't have to get it amputated or something....."