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Written by Sean Andrews   
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 21:33


Sean Andrews, frontman with Toronto alternative band Red Roses Black, relates his own personal gig Hell.......

".....We definitely have some hell stories but the worst by far was a battle of the bands we played about a year back at Downsview Park (Site of Sars-stock).

Prior to playing we were told there were going to be thousands of people there and that it was going to be one of the biggest events in Downsview since Sars fest.

There was also supposed to be reps from record labels and radio station Q-107. It was $100 dollars to enter but we thought the potential exposure would be great. So we practiced up and got ready for the gig.

The gig day came, we all packed up our gear and drove to the venue. When we got there, there was loud music and the sounds of a huge crowd coming from one of the buildings around where it was supposed to be held. Immediately we got excited because we thought that they might actually deliver on their promise.

But once we got out of our cars and found where we were playing it turned out they were just blasting a live Green Day CD while people mini carted on the track inside. Apparently the battle of the bands was being promoted and held by a mini-cart company to promote their "off the beaten path" location.

Literally there was us and the girlfriends of the other bands, maybe twenty people. I think there was maybe ten bands. We were one of the later slots, and the soundguy/MC was drinking the entire night.

Finally it was our turn to go up. By this time the sound man was so wasted he couldn't walk from the board to the stage. So he decided to just yell at us instructions as to what we should mic and hook up.

Eventually he stumbled over after we were like WTF? and half assed hooked us up. He then introduced us as the wrong band and told us to go without even checking whether we were finished setting up (we weren't).

So we began to play and, we had no drum sampler, bass or keyboards. Just me, my guitar, the other guitar and drums. But the sound guy had only mic'd the drums and NOT our guitars so to the crowd it was only drums and my vocals, and some faint guitar.

The sound man, unsure of what was wrong, decided to go behind the stage (don't ask me how he got there) and unplug everything - leaving just drums. So we played through the set as "The Sean Andrews and Drummer band" with the rest of the band looking around wondering how to fix what was going on, me wondering how the hell we got roped into this and the sound guy, scratching his head while he downed another beer.

It cost us $100 dollars, there were no record labels in attendance, no Q-107, and worst of all, one of our band members had to leave a funeral for a family member because we thought it was going to be a great opportunity.

On the bright side we came in 3rd place......."