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Written by Sean Yseult   
Friday, 27 May 2011 05:00

yseult01Most White Zombie gigs from hell don't entail much of a story - the old, drive 10 hours, play to 3 people, don't get paid enough to cover gas story. But there is one story that most people would consider a gig from hell, but was actually pretty awesome.


We were on our first US tour that we set up ourselves, in 1987. Most shows I booked were at actual clubs, but these two kids from Las Vegas contacted me about doing a gig that they would set up. We didn't know the details until we arrived. We met the two guys, about our age, and we would have dubbed them Beavis and Butt-head if that show had existed yet - they were total metalheads, and just made banal comments constantly making fun of each other. They had a band called Doom Snake Cult, which is still one of the cooler band names I've ever heard.


They had us follow them far out of Vegas, to their home, a trailer park in the desert, where we would stay that night. Then they drove us out to the gig: a drainage ditch in the middle of the desert, where rednecks and yahoos liked to get drunk and shoot off their guns! Surprisingly, they had a generator for our gear and their shit together, kind of. Not surprisingly, only about ten of their friends showed up. We were slightly terrified of getting hit by a stray bullet from nearby all night, but much scarier were these kids' ten friends: all crazed on acid, they had built a bonfire in front of us. While we played, they started moshing and tossing burning logs up in the air. Now we were worried about getting hit by bullets AND logs on fire! We all survived somehow; I'm pretty sure we didn't get paid; but a night like that is priceless, right? Ever since then I have had dozens of people tell me they were at that gig, which of course was impossible!