The Boston Incident - Teenage Casket Company's Gig From Hell Print E-mail
Written by Rob Wylde & Jamie Delerict   
Friday, 21 January 2011 05:00



Rob Wylde: The biggest "Gig From Hell" that springs to mind was when Teenage Casket Company played in Boston, MA back in the summer of 2005, an evening that has since been referred to as "The Boston Incident." We were on our very first tour of the USA and spirits were high. We'd gone down a storm the night before in Albany NY and were all set to blow the roof off Deedee's Lounge in Boston. We were touring with our good friends The Erotics and travelling in two seperate vans. Early in the afternoon Jamie [Delerict - former TCC guitarist] went missing with then Erotics bassist J. Hangover. He told us that he was going to travel with him to the show so the rest of us piled into the other van and headed for Boston.


Jamie Delerict: As with most tours back then, I'd usually end up getting over-excited on "opening night" and get totally shit-faced and blow all my money. We'd played with Danko Jones the night before and I'd predictably gotten totally wrecked and woke up the next day still out of my face. I can't remember where I disappeared to, but I recall thinking that J. Hangovers girlfriend was really creepy and suspicious. I had a few of bottles of beer on the journey though for sure.


Rob Wylde : About halfway there, both vans stopped for gas and it was at that point that we all realised something was drastically wrong with Delerict. Was he drunk, was he high? After having a few quick words with him, he convinced us all that he was just tired, but alarm bells started ringing for me. When we arrived at the venue, Delerict was in an even wwyldegfhorse state than he was an hour or so before and sound check was a complete disaster. I remember asking him to stop drinking, but he kept wandering off.


Jamie Delerict : Thinking back, it's all really weird because I remember putting our back-drop up at the club, but have no recollection of sound checking. My memories of this day keep fading in and out. I've been drunk and high and stoned and strung out - You name it, I've done it - but that day was definitely a different "drunk" to any other experiences of mine.


Rob Wylde : Come showtime he could barely stand let alone play and was hitting wrong chords left, right and centre. But as pissed off as we all were, it was also strangely amusing at the same time. After stumbling through a couple more songs the inevitable happened....


Jamie Delerict : About two or three tunes into the set, I went up to the mic to start the next song - "1, 2 - 1, 2, 3, 4" - and instead of jumping, I just fell backwards into the drum kit, sending the cymbals and stands flying. In hindsight, I'm lucky I didn't do some serious damage to myself! Whilst lying flat on my back, I remember Johnny Riott from The Erotics (and owner of the drumkit) appearing over me like an angel in a dream and saying "YOU FUCKING CUNT!". Very embarrassing indeed....


Rob Wylde : At that point we decided it'd probably be best to just end the nightmare there and then and left the stage. The funny thing is that the Boston crowd loved it. They came up to us afterwards and said "Whoa, you guys are just like the Sex Pistols!" We tried to convince them that we were nothing like the Pistols but they weren't having any of it and we went on to sell more merch that night than on any other night on that tour.


Jamie Delerict : That's absolutely true. Everybody there loved it. They thought I was a modern day Sid Vicious or something. I guess that was the only thing that saved me from a total bollocking from the band! Clear as day, I remember Laney saying to me "How about this: NOBODY drinks before a gig anymore!" I felt very ashamed of myself and apologised to everybody. I assured them that I hadn't taken any drugs and slinked off to the bar to drown my sorrows. I knew I'd let them down, so getting pissed and talking to girls was my only solution to this problem.


Rob Wylde : The evening went from bad to worse shortly afterwards. Me, Laney and Spike were sat at the bar when two huge-ass bouncers approached us and said "You need to get your friend out of the bathroom right now or we're calling the police!" Jamie had been disappearing all day so we didn't think much of it at first until we went into the bathroom and discovered that Jamie was passed out cold sat on the toilet with the cubicle door locked shut.


Jamie Delerict : Yeah, my old disappearing trick. I'd do that all the time. I'd always wander off by myself. I'd usually just go to various bars and either drink by myself or chat up women. It was dependent on my mood. Of course it's crystal clear to me now that I wjamiegfhas a full-on alcoholic, but back then I just figured I was some kind of "lone-wolf" looking for adventure! Anyway, the bathroom stall was tiny and I think that it was the one and only cubicle in the club. I must have gone for "a nice sit down" and just passed out....


Rob Wylde : Despite repeated attempts shouting his name and trying to wake him, we decided that the only thing we could do was to climb over and drag him out. Spike stood on the wash basin next to the cubicle so he could hoist himself over, whilst me and Laney held onto Spike so he didn't fall. Then all of a sudden the wash basin came free from the wall, sending all three of us crashing to the floor with water gushing everywhere flooding the place. At that point the bouncers came rushing in. Before they could ask us what was going on, Laney jumped up and attempted to hold the wash basin back up against the wall in place in the hopes that they wouldn't notice the damage we'd done. The fact that water was still spraying all over him probably gave the game away. We were given five minutes to get Jamie out and do a runner as the cops had already been called. Luckily all the commotion had caused Jamie to come round and he calmly opened the door, strolled past us and walked out of the venue like nothing had happened. I'm sure he even asked us why we were soaking wet!


Jamie Delerict : I have a very hazy memory of being in the toilet with my trousers around my ankles whilst Spike was shouting my name. That's not exactly an image I'd like to keep in memory bank! I then remember being outside the club and doing what can only be described as "canoodling" with a girl from the support band - right in front of her boyfriend. I'm guessing I thought that I was pretty indestructable! I was then saved from a beating by the sound of police sirens and promptly manhandled into the van.


Rob Wylde : As we sped off into the night, we saw the cops arriving at the venue. It was a close one that's for sure. And for some reason we were never asked back....


Jamie Delerict : The next morning, I obviously woke up with the hangover from hell. Oh, it was brutal! But the final insult was when we loaded up again for the next show and I realised that my guitar case was a lot lighter than usual. It turns out that I'd left my wireless pack, my pedals and my leads at the venue. I wanted to cry! Someone rang the club in Boston for me, but they were obviously less than helpful. I never did get them back. Not only was that a very expensive mistake, but to this day, I still haven't figured out what exactly happened to me. My guess is that either J. Hangover's creepy girlfriend spiked my drink or that it was simply the result of me drinking WAY too much, not eating for a few days, not sleeping, jet-lag etc. I guess I'll never know. As a funny side note though, I actually ended up having a long distance relationship with the girl that I was "canoodling" with for a few months. She LOVED my unintentional Sid Vicious schtick and called me her "Disaster-Boy". We even went back and visited that same club one night, but I'm afraid that the toilet didn't trigger any dormant memories. The same ex-boyfriend of hers from outside Dee Dee's actually tried to beat me up when TCC played Boston again a year later too. Drama always seemed to follow the band around. But on a positive note, I think that the boy and girl actually ended up getting married. And I don't get fucked up anymore. So all's well that ends well!