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Written by Jim Jones   
Thursday, 06 January 2011 05:00

Back in November our trusty denim-clad writing legend Dom Daley offered up an exclusive interview (that you can read here) with Jim Jones of The Jim Jones Revue for your reading pleasure. Now we dust off the Gig From Hell tale that Jim told on that fateful day and introduce it to you as the first entry in the 2011 chapter of Über Röck's much-loved feature where rockers and rollers get on the couch and try to come to terms with their own personal trauma, proof that Hell is gig-shaped....


"One time, we were on tour in France and got a call from Jack White who wanted us to play a show in London with the Dead Weather. We knew the travelling was gonna be a slog, but all agreed it would be worth it. After playing a show in Strasbourg where we left in a hurry after the police arrived to arrest us for playing too loud (what?), we then drove five hours through the night in heavy fog, slept at a motel, where (because it was so late) we had to climb through a third floor window to get the room keys.


Slept for two and a half hours, drove the rest of the way to the ferry and made it back to London for soundcheck at the Dead Weather show. Great show, met Jack White, cool. Next morning back on the road to the ferry and back across to France and then down to Le Havre. By the time we went on it stage it was after midnight and we were physically and emotionally exhausted from the last two days, really spent. But the crowd in Le Havre were so charged and crazy and into it, that they literally raised us from the dead. We played one of the best shows ever, I felt like my feet had levitated of the ground, such a good energy!"