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Written by Phil Cooper   
Saturday, 13 May 2017 04:30

Living on the Isle of Wight has many good points: travel to and from gigs isn’t one of them.  When the Black Spiders announced that they were embarking on a farewell tour, I was hoping that they would cover a date down south.  Fortunately, they had a gig just a short ferry journey away in Southampton and it was on a bank holiday Sunday, result!  Having never been to the Joiners before but heard many favourable reviews, I was also keen to check out the venue.


Black Spiders farewell tour poster

Doors are at 7:30 and after a quick beer in the bar section, we’re allowed through the stage area as sound check is now finished - signified by a roadie poking his head around the door and removing a hand-written note politely requesting the crowd waits. 


Grifter are the first to take the stage, a powerhouse of a three-piece providing an excellent set up to the style of rock n roll that’s in store for us tonight.  With tongue in cheek humour and heavy riff based tracks, Grifter soon get the crowd going and with the track ‘Princess Leia’ proving to be a particular highlight they certainly put their mark on the evening.




Next up is Bigfoot, a five piece that looks as if they’ll run out of stage room before they finish setting up.  Certainly, when they strike the first chord they do appear a little cramped in the modest Joiners space.  Once they kick off there’s a whole medley of genres and styles mixed together to form their sound, from foot stomping southern rock to big haired eighties metal.  With a wall of noise coming from a twin guitar attack that trade riff and lick against one another and solid unrelenting drum and bass groove, Bigfoot deliver a high - powered rock assault and with the vocalist providing both a visual spectacle with his relentless headbanging and moves as well as excellent rock vocals Bigfoot make for an excellent addition to the evening.  Once again not afraid of a bit of humour mixed in with the music the crowd are hooked and keen to hear more before the Spiders take the stage.


  • Bigfoot headline the first night of VikingFest, at Odin’s Rock Club in Ebbw Vale, on Friday 2 June.


BlackSpiders 3  HRH DvS II Sheffield2016


At the beginning, I mentioned about travel being a bane for living on the Isle of Wight. Tonight, it was more so, to ensure that I was on the last boat I had to leave the venue at quarter past ten, disaster as the Spiders didn’t take the stage until quarter to!  Half an hour is all I caught of the Spiders, but it was a bloody good half hour. 


After a bit of pre-gig mingling with the crowd they stormed the stage and blasted through a number of classic favourites including ‘Kiss Tried To Kill Me’ and ‘Balls’.  Right from the off they had the crowd going and everyone in the room was singing along to each track. The Spiders are a band that thrives in a live environment providing excellent entertainment, partly because they play powerful riff driven rock and roll and partly because they give off the vibe that they absolutely love what they do and it’s as much for themselves as for the crowd. 


It’s a terrible shame that they are hanging up their boots and calling it a day as the live circuit needs bands like them to provide honest rock and roll without thrills or pretentiousness. It also sucks that only half an hour was available to me to see their set… as I got in the taxi I could hear the opening strains of ‘St Peter’ and the crowd singing along with the noise spilling out onto the street outside.  If the first half of the gig was anything to go by, the rest of the night must have been a corker: bloody ferries!


PHOTO CREDIT:  Live photograph of Black Spiders taken at HRH Doom vs Stoner © Simon Dunkerley/Hard Rock Hell.


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