Electric Eel Shock/Modern Day Dukes/Psychobabylon - York, The Duchess - 5th May 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 03:00

Bank Holiday Weekends, you gotta love em, eh? It's sure been a crazy one for me. From BBQ in the sun on Saturday to a local festival on Sunday and out on a road trip around Yorkshire buying guitars on Monday. What better way to end it than with some crazy Japanese rock 'n' rollers playing at The Duchess? I know, I gotta get up for work in the morning so there will be nothing stronger than Coke for me tonight: to tell you the truth I've had my fill of alcohol for now, but I can never get enough of a good band.




I walk in and catch the last few songs of opening band Psychobabylon. This Selby-based bunch of rock 'n' rollers play low-slung, trashy rock 'n' roll. All dressed in black, with tattoos and Les Pauls to match they look and sound the part. Sure, they ain't a young band and look like they've been dragged around the block a few times, but led by enthusiastic singer Rusty, who adds a touch more metal to proceedings, their cheap and nasty rock 'n' roll doesn't sound too shabby at all.


As Modern Day Dukes take to the stage I recognise guitarist Ben from PseudoNympho, who supported Die So Fluid here last week. Turns out this band are head and shoulders above them to my ears as these dudes bring to mind The Wildhearts, people! By that I mean all the elements that make The Wildhearts my favourite band, crunchy riffs, two singers trading vocals and harmonies, catchy melodies and an effortless live performance.


I'm not very good at remembering song titles of new bands, but it's fair to say Modern Day Dukes impressed me enough to go out hunting down their music and they are the best support band I have seen this year by far. Impressive new talent to watch out for methinks.


"We are Electric Eel Shock and we come from JAAPAAAN!!" Hell yeah! Even before those immortal words flow from the mouth of singer/guitarist Akihito Morimoto like some battle cry, I am already convinced that this is probably going to be the best thing I have seen all year. Electric Eel Shock pump us up from the minute they walk on stage until the minute they leave, everything inbetween is like some crazy, rock 'n' roll circus you can't take your eyes off.eel300


As 'Iron Man' blasts through the PA as an intro tape, the singer and his bass wielding comrade Kazuto Maekawa are right at the front singing along to every word, goading us to do the same like their lives depended on it. This is before they have even strapped their instruments on or played a note. Shit, when they do all hell breaks loose, what was the first song? Hell knows, all I remember was seeing Akihito with his flying V in his mouth, yes actually biting into it, hands free, as Kazuto gives eveything to the crowd at the front, holy shit what an entrance!


Hell, it was 2-3 songs in before I even noticed the four drumstick wielding drummer Tomoharu Ito was naked apart from a massive sock on his cock (Uber Rock's very own Gaz, Matt and Zoot have some competition!). It's instantly obvious that Electric Eel Shock are not just about rock 'n' roll they are about entertainment and it's energising, exhilarating and funny as fuck.


Akihito introduces 'Bastard' to us, playfully teasing and pointing "you are bastards", do we bite? Sure we call him a bastard he calls us a bastard, we are all bastards. 'Bastard' is a great song on record, one of the stand out tracks on 'Beat Me', live it's transformed into one of the greatest things I have ever heard live. To tell you the truth once that song ended, we have heard 'Bastard' more times than Jon Snow (a Game Of Thrones reference people) and I could go home a happy man right now.


But they have more great songs like that up their sleeves, the likes of 'Do The Metal' and 'Rock N Roll Can Rescue The World' sound sublime here tonight, dumb ass metal anthems to rule the world.


"York! Heavy Metal comes from York!" he shouts. Teasing us with riffs and the first few bars of classic tracks, 'Ain't Talking 'Bout Love' follows, "Van Halen, Heavy Metal from York!, 'Back In Black' "AC/DC from York" yep there's a pattern going on here and it's fun and we even get 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' which I was secretly hoping they would play all the way through.


They encore proper with the punky, energised monster that is 'Suicide Rock N Roll' and that's it, we've had a good hour of the most entertaining rock show you will see this year.


Electric Eel Shock give a performance that blows all competition away, it was a thrill from start to finish. A punky, energised and shockingly good power trio from Japan, the most fun you can have with your clothes on, or a cock on your sock. You need to see this band and in Akihito's words "buy our t shirts so we can get back to Japan." I did buy a t shirt, but I hope they never leave.




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