Fozzy - London, Relentless Garage - 15th May 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Tazz Stander   
Saturday, 10 July 2010 06:00


  • Noun ~ an afternoon performance in a theatre or cinema.
  • Origin ~ originally referring to performances in the morning, later extended to any performance earlier than the evening: from French matin 'morning'.


This is exactly what Texan heavyweights, Fozzy decided to do recently, partly due to WWE wrestler come vocalist Chris Jericho's tight schedule spent between a ring and his smallest pair of pants and a stage with his full tilting, hard rocking band.


Interestingly enough, in their own interpretation of a Matinee, Fozzy mange to create what can only be described as a mini one-day festival.  With support bands changing between the daytime and the evening shows, it was a pretty full on day which started off at 1pm and ended around 10pm at night.


Bands like The Joker, Halcyon Way and Forever Never got to share the stage with what I can only term, the knees of bees in Heavy Metal music.  I've been following Fozzy from their Fozzy Osbourne days and I can testify that the release of 'Holy Grail', their latest offering is the epitome of what Fozzy are about in 2010.




Kicking in with 'Under Blackened Skies', this super band is off to more than a Bronco Buster or a Stinger Splash - they're here to do one thing and that's rock the fuck out.  Following swiftly on with 'Martyr No More', the TKO of energy given off by guitarist Rich Ward is harder than any Clothesline I've ever seen Jericho perform.  Holding up an England flag Rich asks their fans do him a favour and "fuck up the Germans in the World Cup" before leading the crowd in a riff assisted chant-a-long of "1966".


Balancing their set perfectly with old and new songs, they literally had the loudest crowd that I've heard in a long time.  Jericho announces the next track with a quip about having a hit single with 'Enemy' and the fans physically burst at this point.


Ending a perfect day of bands, metal, interviews and a whole lot of rock with 'Paraskavadekatriaphobia (Friday 13th)"' I walk away knowing (which most of you won't know yet) that Fozzy will be back for a full two week tour, taking in most UK cities and playing a full 2 hour set ... I cannot wait!


All kudos for the live pics go to me, Miss Tazz Stander this time around, but huge thanks once again to Nina Edwards for loaning me her epic big assed camera to make it all possible.