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Written by Tazz Stander   
Friday, 16 April 2010 06:00

18-37-16Sydney, Australia had Shake ... London, England has Tres Calaveras. 


The story goes something like this. Sam Dillon, Amanda Pross, Akis Kollaros and Lee Edwards left the dry heat of Australia for an ice-cold London. With the departure of Kollaros once in Blighty, they decided to crank up the action by taking on legendary skin beater Sky London. 


Stand back the UK rock scene; as Tres Calaveras are face meltingly brilliant, but are you ready for them?


Standing in a vast and legendary venue like Kings Cross Scala, it's awesome to see Sky's infamous pink drum kit centre stage and my heart is already racing. Looking around at the unsuspecting crowd that has gathered, possibly to see the other bands on the bill instead of these relatively unknowns (the others being Tracie Hunter, Bubblegum Screw, Spizz Energi and 18-48-33The Glitter Band), I'm wondering what kind of response they will afford a real kick-ass rock band when the band suddenly appear from backstage. Bearing in mind that the Aussies are fairly new on the scene, the crowd start various chants of Sky and London, who is, as he always does, wearing his trademark big sunglasses, killer hair and custom made pink trainers.


They kick in straight away with 'Eat Your Heart Out' and there is a surge of people from the back of the venue right up front to the newly installed barriers (I've never seen barriers in this venue even when Alice In Chains played last year but thought this due to the fact that The Glitter Band - sans Gary Glitter obviously - were playing). From this point onwards, Sam (vox) had his finger on the heat button and he's pushing it harder than an Australian scrum.


The crowd are fired up, and it's deafening before they kick into 'Doom'. Sam's vocal talents know no bounds. Whether he's screaming or singing melodies, there is no doubt that he's at the top of his game. Playing first slot tonight Tres have raised the bar so high that whatever comes after them is going to be fighting a fight that they're very under qualified to tackle. 


'Weak Boy' kicks off and Sam is over the barriers and in between the now addicted fans.  There isn't an object on stage including his drummer's oversized bass drum that he hasn't scaled.




A few more songs in and they play 'Crab', my favourite Tres song and certainly a crowd favourite too. Tres have brought to London what the music scene has been missing for years - kick ass rock 'n' roll, brilliantly executed with equal measures of fine guitar work, hot assed bass lines, superior drumming and mind blowing vocals. 



Visually and aurally, Tres Calaveras are my hot-ticketed band of 2010. Wake up world these 'misfits' (as they like to call themselves) are skull crushingly amazing.


Photo kudos "Copyright Bob Singleton/Rock Gig Photos"