Eureka Machines - Swansea, The Garage - 3rd April 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 06:00

eurekaposterAfter the day I'd just had (which I won't go into here) let's just say I was looking forward to catching the Eureka Machines live as I've had the album and EP's on the old iPod and was mightily impressed and pleased to come across such a bright band with killer tunes aplenty.


I arrived at the venue fashionably late thanks mainly to her majesty's finest and a police convoy that did less than 40 miles in two and a half hours. With it being Easter Saturday I felt a little crushed that the place was sparsely populated to say the least and to witness such an exciting band was such a pity...but hey ho!


Let's not feel too sorry for Eureka Machines because being the professional troopers that they are they would have set guitars to stun even had I been the only person there. Kicking off with 'Scream Eureka' and then flying through a couple of looseners, Chris Catylist realised he was having "technical difficulties" and the night was about to take a left turn into the Twilight Zone via an episode of Twin Peaks! However, not necessarily a turn for the worse but what was about to happen was well weird. You with me still? Good.


Enter three who proceed to heckle Chris with something about oral favours then the third starts to reel about the dance floor like a Tasmanian devil and seems to be under Chris's spell and, when asked to dance on a table, duly complies. Things were now getting bizarre. After Chris breaks his guitar, then his amp, then a replacement amp then requests from Sharon and Tracy to play 'Summer 69' by Bon Jovi !?!? it was like we'd been kidnapped by the ghost of Jeremy Beadle. It was reassuring then that Chris found a hammer and kept it near in case he needed it to fend off fans. Amidst all this chaos and amusement the band hammered on regardless with their take on power pop, punk, rock and in fairness it's impossible not to get carried away on their infectious hooks backed up with great showmanship and flair, that should see them play venues 10 times bigger that have queues 'round the block with people wanting to get in on the Eureka Machines. 


Was there anything disappointing about Eureka Machines? Well, they didn't play 'Being Good Is Ok But Being Better's Better' but that's minor detail. I was happy with what I had and I was thoroughly entertained. With a new album on the way things will get better for this Leeds four piece tour de force and if the songs are as good as the ones on 'Do Or Die' that were played tonight then Chris, Dave, Wayne and Davros (all looking splendid in their suits and creepers, like a smarter Hives) are nailed on to be a success. Now shout "Eureka" and get down and support one talented band. As for a highlight? The fact the band made it to the end of their set amid all the chaos going on and the version of 'Champion The Underdog' which was absolutely stonking in all the right places. Catch them quick before everyone gets on and tickets will be like gold dust. Eureka Machines - worra brilliant band!