The Jim Jones Revue/Y Niwl - York, Fibbers - 20th April 2012 Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 04:00




It was never going to be anything less than an awesome rock 'n' roll show, was it? The Jim Jones Revue are one of the finest bands doing the circuit out there at the moment. Their brand of primal rock 'n' roll is infectious, powerful and perfectly suited to a small, sweaty venue like Fibbers. A different setting indeed to where I first witnessed them last year in a circus tent in the muddy fields of Glastonbury, but no less spectacular.


First off though we are treated to support band Y Niwl, an instrumental surf combo from Wales; they sound fresh and go down well. Do all instrumental surf bands sound this good? I don't really know, but their '60s twangy guitar sound is a surprisingly upbeat treat, and serves well as an opener for the main event.


Launching into a full frontal assault on all senses, the men in black kick things off in fine rockin' fashion with the coupling of '512' and 'Rock 'n' Roll Psychosis' from their eponymous debut. Dressed to kill and armed with fine vintage gear, the guitars slung low, they proceed to rip a hole in the roof of Fibbers tonight. Commanding the stage, Jim Jones has the crowd in the palm of his hand from the off and it's not long before the sweat is pouring from band and audience alike. Pointing and making hand gestures mid song, interacting with the crowd, and, after ajimjones300 couple of songs, the guitar and jacket are off and we are treated to a fine set, mixing old and new. Their combination of '50s rock 'n' roll riffs, Little Richard piano runs and punk rock attitude is something special. Sure, they ain't doing anything new, but it's the way they do it that matters.


They play it like every song is their last and give it their all; it's raw, it's loud and something downright special. The new wild eyed keyboard player spends most of the set legs apart, knees bent and gurning like a trooper, he leans back almost to the point of falling over, bashing the keys like his life depends on it...and maybe it does!


Main set highlights for me were 'Burning Your House Down' and a rip roaring 'High Horse', pure energy that could get a corpse moving. The gloriously catchy 'Shoot First' is another live favourite that hits the spot, the band bring it down mid song for a bit of audience participation and a chance for the guys to strip off their jackets.


On several occasions Jim and guitarist Rupert Orton nearly take out members of the audience with their guitars such is their enthusiasm to rock! Jim throwing shapes and wrestling his guitar around like it is his nemesis, he is an engaging frontman to watch, never standing still, always searching the audience for eye contact.


As the main set ends I reckon to myself we will probably get a couple more songs, well we get five more, and in quick succession. We are treated to 'Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey' and 'Dishonest John', then introducing a cover of The Gun Club's 'Ain't My Problem Baby' recorded for an upcoming tribute album - Jim namechecks frontman Jeffrey Lee Pierce as an influence in the same breath slagging the majority of music from the '80s: fair point, fella. The fantastic 'Elemental' closes in perfect style, what a song, and if you weren't convinced by now then you never will be.


They end with a storming 'Princess & The Frog' the infectious riff has everyone down the front moving,and as the song ends in a wall of feedback, Jim and Rupert hold their guitars up to the roof as if to say there ya go..have it! And we certainly did.


There are only a handful of bands this good and with this much onstage energy, Jim Jones Revue are essential listening; witness them live and your life will never be the same again, be told people.




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