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Written by Rich Hobson   
Thursday, 13 April 2017 04:30

With their debut album ‘Brutalism’ released just four days before landing in Birmingham, it’s safe to say that IDLES are striking while the iron is hot. Selling out one of the two rooms of Birmingham’s Hare and Hounds venue, arrival at the venue greets bemused punters with an army of teens queueing right the way through the building to get into the other room. This has the unfortunate side-effect of thinning the potential IDLES crowd out as Birmingham’s very own fuzz punks Table Scraps step up to the plate.


Table Scraps


A three-piece for well over 18 months now, Table Scraps’ sound has gotten even more frantic with the addition of Tim Mobbs on bass. Blasting through a combination of favourites from their debut ‘More Time For Strangers’ and new material from their eagerly-anticipated upcoming follow-up, Table Scraps are a perfect starting point for a night of bounding, rough-hewn punk rock n roll. Between howl-alongs like ‘Bad Feeling’ and ‘Motorcycle (From Hell)’ the band had already amassed a strong live set, but with new additions showcasing their prowess Table Scraps have never sounded more massive nor visceral.


Scarlet Rascal


Taking the mood in a different direction, tour supports Scarlet Rascal wind the clock right the way back to a distinctly Lou Reed inspired era, drawling vocal lines and monotonous bass lending the venue an air of New York circa 1967. Disaffected and steady, the band couldn’t be any more different to Table Scraps burst of punk electricity, yet between the two acts the perfect catalyst mix that makes up IDLES own sound is captured.




Blending blistering anger at social injustice, punk satire and snarled aural assaults, IDLES’ ‘Brutalism’ is a fresh and ferocious little monster, made more vicious in the live music environment. Even with just four days to get their ears around it, the insta-hook nature of IDLES songs (and the helpful fact that many songs have been available on YouTube for some time now) means there’s still plenty of sing-alongs to be had. ‘Mother’, ‘Well Done’ and ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ have already proved their supremacy as modern punk hits, but IDLES have plenty of tricks in the bag, blasting out pure lightning in the form of ‘Divide & Conquer’, ‘Exeter’ and ‘1049 Gotho’.


Birthed from the Bristol indie scene though the band may be, their attitude is pure punk rock n roll, dangerously electric and filled with venomous humour that has been sorely lacking from either scene as of late. Prowling the stage and snarling like a group of caged animals, IDLES are one of the most exciting upcoming bands on the British music scene, bastard outcasts from rock, metal, punk and indie whilst containing some of the better elements of each genre. With multiple sold-out shows across a UK-wide tour and festival spots to take them through the summer, IDLES are an invasion force against banality in music, clawing their way to the top with bruised-knuckle determination.




IDLES play Handmade Festival on Sunday 30 April and Download Festival on Saturday 10 June.


Brutalism’ is out now via Balley Records.


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