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Written by Hannah Panda   
Tuesday, 11 April 2017 04:30

Creeper are fast becoming one of the biggest bands in British rock – and you can see why when you attend one of their shows. This show was the second on this tour and the only Scottish date – and from eight dates, three sold out. The order of appearance worked well, making the four bands pop and stand out. The bands all flowed and worked well together, all of them complimenting each other and the way they played.


Puppy Glasgow


First to the stage were Puppy, who certainly knew how to get the room jumping and leaving the audience wanting more, just like a playful puppy. The three piece band set the atmosphere for the rest of the night with their energetic and entertaining set list. This made sure that the audience was ready for the following bands. Puppy had the toughest job of the night as the opening act, but the way they pulled it off was very professional whilst also entertaining and fun to watch.


Energy - Glasgow


Next, we had Energy, an American band all the way from Boston, Massachusetts. Tank, the lead singer, made short work of encouraging the crowd to open the floor up and start a circle pit, electrifying the air even more. Tank was the only vocal from the support bands who wasn’t playing an instrument, so he really got to move around and could interact more with the crowds without being held back by a guitar and lead.


Milk Teeth - Glasgow


The final support act was Milk Teeth, the only female fronted band from the whole show. They had a lot of continuity to their set and they flew through their songs to fit as many in as possible. While interacting with the crowd and keeping them entertained the whole way through, they kept the energy levels high and made sure everyone had a good time, with fast paces and great songs. This combination meant they left people wanting more the whole time.


Creeper 3


Finally, after much anticipation, we came to Creeper. Everything about the set-up had a flair for the dramatic. The set itself consisted of a Gothic church backdrop and two raised stages for the drums and keyboards, all decorated with illuminated crosses. This set suited them immensely and kept in with their appearance also, as each member of the band wore their own ‘Callous Heart’ patch on their jackets.


Creeper knew what their fans wanted and set about making sure that they got a taste from every part of their career with at least one song from each of their previous EPs and the new album. Opening with one of their new songs from their debut album ‘Black Rain’ – only the second time it’s been played – immediately the crowd were jumping and singing along as loud as their hearts could. The atmosphere from the moment Creeper stepped out was extremely adrenalizing.


Creeper 1


‘Crickets’, another new song from the band, only featured two of the members as the rest left for a short break. Hannah (keyboards and vocals) and Ian (guitar and vocals) remained on stage to sing this one – something that everyone in the crowd was really looking forward to. It momentarily slowed the set down in a good way and gave the two of them the chance to show off their vocals and capture everyone in the crowd’s attention. As the rest of the band returned to the stage at the end of the song, the crowd erupted into chanting Hannah’s name, if you had been there you would realise how touching it was.


The band ended with ‘Misery’, and Will hardly had to sing the first verse and chorus from the roar of the crowd coming through and singing along to every word. You could see the happiness on each of their faces as they listened to the crowd singing the words back to them and it was a goosebumps moment. It was at that moment that you realised how in sync the crowd and the band were and you realised that both were extremely happy to be there.


Creeper 2


Creeper played a 16 song set list, but you knew all those fans there, could listen to them play every one of their songs and never get bored of hearing them. Creeper took their final bow, each member bursting with delight, before exiting stage left. The audience were left not only wanting more but not wanting the night to end.


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