The Black Halos / Role Models / The Hip Priests - London, Camden, The Black Heart - 18th April 2016 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 04 May 2016 03:00

Tonight, for one night only, Camden Town in London England was the epicentre for the 1%’ers to gather together-in a show of defiance. Rock ‘n’ fucking roll is alive and well! With a flying middle finger to the hipsters and the naysayers; tonight boys and girls back from the dead are Canada's finest ghouls, The Black Halos. As part of a Spanish tour that saw them hit Lisbon and London - okay so geography isn't a strong point with these guys - but let me tell you rock ‘n’ roll is! And what a triple threat line up this is with Nottingham's finest The Hip Priests kicking off proceedings and Role Models being the rose between the two thorns (so to speak) this has all the ingredients of something very special.


The Black Halos poster


The United Kingdom’s finest purveyors of filth and fury - a band you can't be sick of seeing or hearing - The Hip Priests are just like scratching an open wound. Time after time I'll continue to sing their praises until you check them out. Once again tonight they pounded The Black Heart with their garage punk rock 'n fucking roll and turned in a huge thirty minute set that displayed everything you need to know about the band. As the oxygen was being sucked out of the room they played single after single only to momentarily pause for breath as Von Cruz continued to scratch that wound as he prowled the stage edge ordering the people to give it up for The Hip Priests before laying into another three minutes of pure class. The ever reliable 'Zero Fucks Given' turned a few heads and by the time the sweat soaked foursome reached the tribute to Lemmy with a brutal flawless display of 'The Hammer' the already very busy Black Heart was lapping it up. Sadly it was all over way too soon and it was all outside for a cool down before round two and those Role Models.


Hip Priests


With a new PledgeMusic funded album progressing quite nicely Role Models kicked off the second helping of great bands with a brand new number - 'Radio'. By the second chorus the packed room was singing along with singer/songwriter Rags. The band proceeded to grasp the mantle from The Hip Priests and get down to business with a really tight set that showcased the pick of their 'The Go-To Guy' album in the shape of 'Saturday Night Sailor' and the superb 'Show Me'. The band were turning in a masterclass of superbly arranged power popin' punk rock and roll. If somebody in London Town was having a better time right now then I need to be there because this was shaping up as the band went for it with a great sound. The energy was palpable as they played 'Reality Holiday' and by the time they got to 'This Eventually Leads Nowhere' it was disappointing that the set was coming to an end because in this kind of form the band could have just played on and on. It's no mean feat playing after The Hip Priests but tonight those Role Models took it perfectly in their stride, Brilliant!


Role Models


I don't think you could have got a Rizla paper in the venue by the time The Black Halos returned to a London stage it was that full. For the next hour and a bit the 2016 version of The Black Halos proceeded to hand out a lesson in how exactly one should knock out a set of near perfect punk rock and roll with what seemed like infinite ease. Having played however many dates in this run (nineteen I believe Billy was boasting) nobody had died (thank God) and they sounded tights as hell and right up for it as were this school night audience won't forget. The clock was being rewound and without any airs and graces it was the likes of 'No Tomorrow Girls' that followed 'Some Things Never Fall’ you just knew that tonight they were going to be worthy headliners.


By the time we reached 'The Last Of The 1%’ers' you could feel the floorboards bounce as fists were being punched into the air and it felt good. Rich Jones riffed and rolled and sparred off Billy Hopeless and everything in the universe felt good – no, not just good but - VERY good!


Black Halos


New track ‘Geisterbahn II’ gets shoe horned into the set alongside classics like 'Shooting Stars', 'Retro World' and 'Bombs Not Food', and there is no disputing, this was the real deal kids - there is no posing just punk rock ‘n’ roll being played like it really means something. Billy saw fit to crown Rich Jones on his birthday and bestow upon him the title of 'The King Of England' before it was time for an encore or two and as the evening was drawing to a close I couldn’t help think that whilst all three bands were worthy headliners tonight this evening really belonged to Hopeless and The Black Halos. Which meant there was only time for a faultless run through the Dead Boys classic 'Ain’t Nothing To Do' followed by a sprightly run through 'Deuce' by KISS and then to bring an end to this evening’s shenanigans it was a rip snorting take on 'Where Eagles Dare' Misfits style with Von Cruz helping out with some singing.


To say this evening’s entertainment was a success would be an understatement and judging by the amount of sweat soaked people leaving The Black Heart with beaming smiles would also be an understatement. Now a question. When can we do this again? I speak for the 1%’ers when I say this must happen again. Sometime in the future we should get together in a bigger venue and get The Black Halos back on these shores for more of the same because I had such a blast!


Now how the hell do I stop singing 'Last Of The 1%’ers' and 'Lost In The ‘90s' they won’t go away!