Die So Fluid/PseudoNympho/The Idol Dead - York, The Duchess - 30th April 2014 Print E-mail
Written by Ben Hughes   
Saturday, 10 May 2014 03:40


'The Opposites Of Light', the brand spanking new album from Die So Fluid, has been on my stereo for the last 6 days leading up to this gig. It's excellent, I don't need to tell you that here though, you should go and read my album review for the details. Leading up to that album release the band are doing a short run of dates to promote it and York just happens to be slap bang in the middle, yes! I welcome the return of Grog and the boys.


First up tonight are a great little band from Leeds called The Idol Dead. Fronted by the ever energetic Polly Phluid, a man who takes to the stage in his socks for some reason, does he always do this? Didn't notice last time I saw them, interesting move that man, he must get soggy feet though. Dressed all in black with lime green ties they play an upbeat set of punked up power pop tunes, which we all enjoy a bit of, eh? The likes of Terrorvision, Compulsion and Baby Chaos immediately spring to mind.


Anthemic, riff-heavy tunes and the knack for a catchy chorus will always win me over and The Idol Dead have a bunch of 'em up their collective sleeves. They do have to work for it though, the sparse crowd tonight keep their distance, no one it seems is prepared to make the first move to the front, favouring the dark surroundings of the bar rather than the front of the stage, so it's left to Polly to get the crowd going.


Crowd interaction goes a long way to help matters and with the likes of excellent 'I.D.O.L.' they do win the crowd over, job done.

The Idol Dead certainly have the hooks and a frontman to carry them off. There's a PledgeMusic campaign going on to help fund their new album, you know what to do, quality Uber-approved Glunk from Yorkshire.


Another Leeds band next up, PseudoNympho are a bit of a wildcard to be honest. They look a bit of a weird combination on stage. Singer Wolfgang is obviously the leader, the primal metal head, then you get mohawked bassist, who's the resident punk, lead guitarist Ben is the pure classic rock lover, the other guitar player is like the quiet college kid and behind on the drums is the technical and frankly shit hot drummer, that's my observation anyway.


Heavy riffs and gang backing vocals are the order of the day it seems, yet after a couple of songs Ben's strat packs in and he has to borrow the support band's guitar to continue. Strapping on that black Epiphone Les Paul seems to somehow give an extra energy to the band, or maybe that's just me but yeah they rocked hard tonight.


It's the impressive drumming I am instantly drawn to watching this band, which is not something I usually pay attention to. This says two things to me, either the drummer is really, really good or the songs are not very awe-inspiring. I think the truth may be somewhere inbetween the two.


I have been looking forward to the return of Die So Fluid for a while now, I love their sound and their look, and hell what a voice that girl possesses. The prospect of seeing how these songs work live and witnessing Grog in the flesh is the perfect antidote for a dull Wednesday night.


They are great from the off and sound mighty, the ever smiling Grog dressed in studded black catsuit looks and sounds stunning, like an ultra-vixen straight out of a Russ Meyer movie she stalks the stage, her voice just as good as the records suggest. By the time we get to awesome new track 'Comets' the band are flying, that introductory riff, pounding bass and Grog's seductive voice are a fine match, an upbeat slice of Nu Goth, one of the early highlights of the show tonight.


Grog asks if we know 'Black Blizzard' and if we want to hear it, of course we do, as the backing tape plays the string filled introduction, one of the pivotal moments of the new 16 track album takes shape and it's a heavy beast of a song, these new songs are sounding as good as I was hoping they would.


A good mix of old and new tonight, older tracks I am unfamiliar with and usual crowd favourites. 'Existential Baby' is played early and sounds great as does 'Mercury' that sing-a-long chorus making it irresistible to join in.


While guitarist Mr Drew seems very serious throughout, it's left to Grog to dispel the myth that when Goth merges with Metal and Rock 'n' Roll it doesn't have to be a downright depressing affair, she seems to be loving it up there and has a constant smile on her face, giggling like a schoolgirl at the mic between songs and snaking her hips in those songs like...well, like only she can.


The punk fuelled 'Crime Scene' spits and snarls from the speakers, even Mr Drew is going for it now. Die So Fluid are tight live and I do find it hard to believe how 3 people can make such a massive noise and boy are they loud up there tonight.


Of course Grog is the focal point and it's hard to take your eyes off her, not just because of her looks but also her stage presence and her spot-on vocals, she is animated and full of energy. "If you want to hear more, you know what to do," she tells us as the set ends. We do, encore time sees Grog give a shout out to a guy in the audience who was in one of their videos with her and dedicates new song 'Violent Delights' to him, full of eastern mysticism and tribal beats that lead into abrasive riffs, it's great stuff.


Numbers were thin on the ground again tonight, is this just a York thing this year? Yet I'm happy to see them in intimate surroundings and be able to say I was there, as on the strength of their new album and the quality of the live show Die So Fluid are surely heading upwards and onwards, I hope they come back soon.




[Photos by Stuart Glossop]