Reverend Horton Heat/Deadbolt - Camden, Electric Ballroom - 25th March 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 02 April 2010 05:30

revhortonheatOn arriving at one of my favorite London venues I naturally headed for the bar to have a few looseners before the evening's musical feast began as I mingled amongst the psychobillys and rocker types in attendance at tonight's 'place to be' show from the Reverend Horton Heat.


Sadly The Supersuckers pulled the show last week much to my disappointment which became all too apparent as tonight's warm up band took the stage, Deadbolt - that's San Diego's Deadbolt and not the local haberdashery deadbolts but I must admit had four of B&Q's finest been laid upon the stage next to some instruments then I think they'd have offered me the same amount of entertainment. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh here on the fourpiece from the West Coast who claim to have two bass players to create their 'Wall of thunder!' Wall of thunder be fucked? Not tonight chaps - it sounded weak and a tad shambolic to be honest and the self confessed 'scariest band in the world' would have struggled to send a quiver down the spine of a child tonight as their set of echo laden surf music just sailed right over my head, even if some of the audience seemed to 'Get it'. Alas I didn't and won't be championing the virtues of Deadbolt.


Before the Rev took the stage I had a feeling of dread that without the mighty Supersuckers joining the party, tonight might be as damp as the London rain that had fallen earlier in the day. Thankfully, as soon as the headliners took the stage and shook their thang my fears were laid to rest. The next hour and forty five flew by as the very busy Electric Ballroom was treated to some mighty fine licks that flew from the Reverend Jim's guitar like they were heaven sent and the man with the fastest fingers to grace a Gretsch let rip with tracks that covered their 20 plus year back catalogue, with some mighty fine finger picking and bass slapping going down in old Camden town tonight. 


If I was to pick a set for the Rev then I'd struggle to pick a better one than we were treated to tonight; off the awesome 'Holy Roller' compilation we had 'Baddest Of The Bad', 'Wiggle Stick' and 'Bales Of Cocaine'. The set highlight and massive '400 Bucks', quickly followed by 'It's Martini Time', all sounded great live with even more dirt in the sound which was fantastic. Later in the set we had the Ramones inspired tribute to the man with the salamander stick - stand up bass playing machine Jimbo and his 'The Jimbo's Song'.


During the encores we had the Johnny Cash cover of 'Folsome Prison Blues'. The new album was also well represented with tracks like 'Drinking And Smoking', 'Ain't No Saguaro' but the best off the album, the hilarious yet accurate 'Death Metal Guys' and 'Please Don't Take My Baby To The Liquor Store' offered yet more opportunity for The Reverend to show the audience how to handle a geetar and pick, stroke, slash and riff it up. Tracks like 'Five O-Ford', 'Calling It Twisted' and 'I Can't Surf' (of course you can't, you're from Texas dude!). But the truest song of the night just about summed up everything that the Reverend Horton Heat is, 'If It Ain't Got Rhythm'. "If it ain't got rhythm then it ain't got soul and that baby just isn't rock 'n' roll!" Amen to that brother, and next time you're in town bring those Supersuckers with you, no excuses!


Hallelujah for the Reverend and all his disciples. An unbelievably talented band of musicians who entertained and impressed a full Electric Ballroom and sent them into the London night with the biggest of grins possible.