Voodoo Six – London, Borderline – 2nd March 2010 Print E-mail
Written by Tazz Stander   
Friday, 12 March 2010 07:00

V61I'm somewhat surprised as I enter the newly refurbished Borderline in London and realise that on a night when The Monsters of Rock, Kiss are playing at their smallest gig since 1974, that Voodoo Six have filled the venue to capacity.


I've seen them live a few times, enjoyed their shows and like a lot of their music but I'm now convinced that they are the only London band able to sell out a venue when a show of lights, fire, big wigs and make up is happening within spitting distance of their winged skull banner! 


With a recent line-up change and their first live show in almost a year, the fans are all out in various different V6 apparel. I spoke to one fan that had travelled from Nottinghamshire, heard of one that had caught the train down from Aberdeen and met one that had a V6 tattoo on his arm and all of them were of the opinion that Voodoo 6 was going to kick some serious ass, with or without make up and tight leather trousers.


Enter V6 stage right and they kick off with 'Faith' and the fans go fucking mental. It's at this point that I realise the impact that Luke Purdie, the new vocalist, has had on this band. His vocals are unlike Henry Rundell's, who in his own right is an amazing singer with pipes bigger than a steam train's. Purdie however, will never hit those high notes but as the evening progresses, it becomes very clear that the unique style that V6 has is more in tune with where he sings. Their music has blatantly always been written with a vocalist like him in mind!


V63Steaming through a set which includes only four tracks off their 'First Hit For Free' album, there is no doubt that these guys are each masters of their trade. There are no egos, no big lights to dazzle, nothing except for brilliantly executed rock 'n' roll. Less talking, more rocking seems to be what they are all about.


'Take The Blame' their lead-in track off their 5 song digital download 'Something For You' has the whole crowd cranked way past 11. With guitar work that is simply genius, the band assures their fans "You won't be living with the blame", and somehow I believe them - I am spellbound. This is surely a band that has been together for years and not just playing their first live show ever with Purdie. Professionalism is where V6 are at, standing heads and fucking shoulders above all other London bands.


The Monsters of Rock are standing in front of me, they're not up the road, they don't have lights, fire, big wigs or make up - they have rock 'n' roll down to a fine art, so fine in fact they will make your Mother, Father and Concubine rock. 


Tonight's support was from The Treatment - big music for little boys - check them out, they deserve to be bigger, once they're older!