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Written by Nev Brooks & Johnny H   
Friday, 21 March 2014 03:00

What a cracking prospect of a night we have ahead of us at The Patriot. The boys from Saaaarfff London, who not just to my mind but to a large number of the collective Uber Rock massive - who incidentally had turned out in force all with knowing winks and nods - that we could be in for something special. That’s because, and let’s put it out there, ‘10 Tales From The Gin Palace’ the second album from tonight’s headliners sits easily as the release of the year to date. No damn question about it. Although tonight it’s Johnny H who’ll have the honour of reviewing them, not yours truly.


BNLet’s also put something else into the mix too. We also have a local band on the bill. A band who have started selling out venues everywhere they play, and recently pulling nearly 500 discerning punters into just one of our other underused local venues, Blackwood Miners’ Institute. The Bleedin’ Noses are picking (excuse the pun) up momentum and interest on a huge scale right now and are also starting to garner interest on the other side of the pond. This is also a band whose debut LP I raved about here on Uber Rock was back in 2012, so I must know something about this thing called music eh?


All of this was on offer for £4 Yup you just read that right, £4 you just had to go to this right? Well it would be plain rude not to.


On with the music and chatting with Johnny H during the soundchecks and he pipes up with the nugget that he thinks The Bleedin’ Noses have a hint of The Rockingbirds about them. Something to which I cannot really disagree although more so live than on LP. In fact they also have a hell of a blues fee to them live, with guitarist Kev provided some of the finest slide geetar touches I’ve heard in quite a few years of gig going. As musicians the six guys who make up The Bleedin’ Noses really can’t be faulted, and they are tight as f#ck, but most importantly they also have the songs and music to back it up. I still stand with my original review, pulling out hints of The Strokes, The Rolling Stones, The Pogues, and even Gogol Bordello tonight.


Set wise? Standouts were many but what really stuck with me were ‘Win’, ‘Done For’, ‘Shan’t Tell’ and ‘Road To’. Well that was the first part of the night’s promise well fulfilled. So if you like music with energy, drive, enthusiasm and know that you want a good time, get off your arses and catch The Bleedin’ Noses before they hit the big time. It’s that close for this hungry band.


Nev Brooks


PC1On to the main act for tonight, and you can feel the heightened sense of anticipation around The Patriot as The Peckham Cowboys hit the stage with frontman Marc Eden standing legs astride his mic stand like a young Rod Stewart in his Faces heyday, or Spike of the Quireboys at their sleaziest best. The Peckham Cowboys sound down right dirty, and exciting, which is all the things that great rock music should be. There is however something (or should that be someone) missing here tonight and that is largely down to there being a slightly different touring rhythm section to the one we were all expecting. A quick line up check then, and yup that’s definitely Ryan McCormick behind the drum kit but that looks like London SS bassist Andi Emm standing in at very short notice for the absent Nigel Mogg. Andi I happen to recognise from my years of going to gigs in London as he’s particularly eye catching with his top hat and dreadlocks, but tonight he’s locking down the beat playing an integral part of one of the loosest rhythm sections I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. But then that’s all part of the charm of this thing we call rock ‘n’ roll, right? You gotta learn to expect the unexpected.


You see The Peckham Cowboys are fully paid up card carrying members of the exclusive club of unpredictability normally reserved for bands like, Aerosmith, The Heartbreakers, The Lords Of The New Church, or Hanoi Rocks, a club which was founded by the likes of MC5, The Stooges and The Rolling Stones. So with that in mind tonight’s set boasts a blining ‘Crackhouse Blues’ from the band’s debut album ‘Flog It’, which live sounds jaw droppingly unstoppable, something I honestly never thought I’d ever find myself typing given my aversion to that album ‘Not Guilty!’ the opener from ’10 Tales’ is also superb, as is a super scuzzy ‘Bromley Girls’, but as the set progresses the songs begin to jam out a little too much for me, with the effect that it all becomes a little too loose in places, perhaps even hinting at Black Crowes style excesses during ‘South London Thing’ (again from ‘Flog It’). The longer it went on I got the feeling that perhaps a little more rehearsal time with Mr Emm might have done the likes of ‘Knocked Senseless’, ‘Quarantined’ and ‘The Debt Collector’ the world of good, as here they are much more fluid of construction when compared to their tight and sinewy album counterparts. But as I’ve said already that’s part and parcel of this thing we love called rock ‘n’ roll, right?




Finishing their set with a cover of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ took me straight back to that exclusive club of bands I mentioned earlier, because here was a song written by a band who inspired so many people to excess, just like I hope The Peckham Cowboys will for todays’ Generation Y jet set, but however much love Marc, Timo, Dale, Duncan, Ryan and Andi show this classic I can’t help think that it will all be rather lost on the apathy of today’s youth. But hey ho what the fuck? Because it’s only rock ‘n’ roll and as long as bands like The Peckham Cowboys exist I love will always love it!


Johnny H


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