The Loyalties - Camden, Barfly - 22nd February 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 03:00



So it's album launch night at the Barfly. With the stage time set for Witching Hour a club full of happy drunks ready for some rock 'n' fucking roll provides the best ingredients for a good night, and tonight Camden expects.


It seems The Loyalties benefited from a bunch of drunks heading north after seeing a blistering gig from the classic Dogs D'amour at the Borderline earlier on in the evening and, as luck would have it, the Rock 'n' Roll Gods made it possible for Uber Rock to be at both shows.


First up were the extremely easy on the eye Death By Sexy with their brand of sleazy Cramps meets Glunk rock 'n' roll. During their brief set they managed to get the crowd suitably warmed up with some decent tunes but it was always about The Loyalties and the airing of the brand new album 'Til The Death Of Rock And Roll' in its entirety!


With a decent turn out the clock strikes midnight to the sound of the album Intro/Funeral March and without further fanfare we were straight into 'Til The Death Of Rock And Roll' and the place was bouncing from the get go. With three guitars, bass and drums this was going to be an aural assault of the finest kind and it was tight and pretty much on the money.


Promising to play the new album in its entirety is a bold move with it being so brand new but, hey, many of us already had the album on loop for the last few weeks and the songs are familiar enough now anyway.


I must say that the band were in mighty fine form and sounded absolutely electric as the album format was played in sequence: 'Meat In The City' followed without further ado and 'The Will To Kill' was blissful.


All that seemed to be missing was Uber Rock's very own Gaz standing up there reading excerpts from the accompanying book between songs (maybe on the tour, eh?).




I must say I particularly liked the 'Chinese Rocks' "Oohs and Aahs" that were thrown into the mix during 'Whiskey Under The Bridge' as it's always nice to acknowledge where a song was influenced. By the time 'Killer Radio' came it was time for some banter with the audience as sort of an interlude between side A and B of the record, then it was full throttle into 'To The Flame' and this party was halfway done.


The rest of the record was duly hammered out to the swaying and dancing audience and up on the stage the Loyalties were having a ball safe in the knowledge that we the people were being treated to an absolutely blinding performance of a great album that somehow sounded even better live. 'Pheromone Jones' was both blindingly powerful and beautifully brutal.


By the time we had reached 'Rock And Roll Over (And Die)' the place was bursting with beaming faces all nodding and whooping with Cheshire cat smiles knowing they just witnessed a stellar set from a stellar band we should all embrace. I only hope this fantastic album doesn't get buried and they can get out there and show the world exactly what makes them such a great band because on tonight's performance not only do they have the tunes but they damn well know how to entertain.


I'm not bothered they didn't then go on to play anything off 'So Much For Soho' or the EPs because that was spot on. I only hope Tom manages to leave that waistcoat at home if they do hit the road - I almost had to wear shades in a night club.


'Til The Death Of Rock And Roll' was a winner. I left the venue having witnessed a memorable evening's entertainment of pure Rock and fuckin' Roll. Played the album live in its entirety was a bold move yet by the end of the night I wasn't even slightly gutted that there was no encore of older tunes. Until next time, long live Rock 'n fucking Roll! Because on this evidence it certainly isn't dead yet but alive and most definitely kicking!




[Photos by Sophie Lo]