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Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 21 February 2013 04:00

The Bronx Cardiff Gareth Angel


Having been looking forward to this show for a while it was originally scheduled to take place at the Solus nightclub at the city’s University Students Union, but at the last minute it was moved to the somewhat more suitable and tight surroundings of Clwb Ifor Bach just around the corner. Which for a band like The Bronx seemed like a great choice of alternative venue what with it's low stage, no crash barrier and invisible security.


Being the first sell out of the tour The Bronx needed to get down to business from the off in what would turn out to be a mighty fine show of strength from the resurgent band, over here in the UK to promote their fourth album - once again entitled 'The Bronx'.  Getting the madness underway with new album opener 'Unholy Hand' the guys sounded explosive and tight as you might expect, but things were about to get hotter as for the next hour and a bit it was all about carefully harnessed insanity, as the beats got faster and the band played harder, while the audience got a little more insane. At several points the floors boards were jumping what seemed like inches as the whole venue was swept along as one.  


The Bronx Cardiff Gareth Angel 2It took Matt Caughthran leading the band once more into battle 'til the third song before he finally decided to orchestrate the pit from inside the eye of the hurricane so to speak, as 'Shitty Future' nearly brought the floor down.  In Caughthran The Bronx have a mighty fine frontman and ringmaster who is beaming fro ear to ear as he belts out scream after scream like it’s the best day of his life.  With the new album fresh off the press too it obviously got a fair airing as the band ploughed headlong into 'Under The Rabbit', 'Too Many Devils, 'Pilot Light', 'Youth Wasted', 'Torches’ and 'Ribcage'. The new tunes were welcomed into the set as readily as older numbers like 'Knifeman', 'White Tar' and 'False Alarm', but things really got cooking by the time we reached the home straight, Matt endearing himself to the locals by announcing that he was indeed “20% Welsh” so it was a homecoming show, but not before he asked for forgiveness for the dead air as he had to stop to tie his laces up before things got really messy. (Might I suggest Velcro tabs next time Matt?) 


It was into the home straight we sailed as the number os bodies surfing above our heads increased exponentially and it was left to the music to do the talking as Cardiff was left gasping after 'They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)’ followed by a devastating  'Heart Attack American', before it was finally time for the band to sign off with a carpet bombing 'History's Stranglers', and in the blink of an eye they were gone into the cold dark night.  


It has been a while since The Bronx came and seriously endeavoured to conquer these shores of ours and people may have people that Mariachi El Bronx had somehow buried this brutal beast of a punk band, but fear not comrades, because reports of The Bronx’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Long live The Bronx!  


They came - We saw - They tore Cardiff a new one. Fantastic stuff! 


The Bronx Cardiff Gareth Angel 4


[Photos - Gareth Angel]


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