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Written by Hannah Reid   
Friday, 09 February 2018 05:00

This was said to be the tour of the year by many people, lots of excitement going around it with two all-stars leading up a co-headline tour named “The Resurrection Tour”. Everyone who liked these bands were excited, both having not toured for a little while, there was definitely a lot of hype surrounding the whole show.


Black Veil Brides 4


First to the stage were a little bit of a surprise for most people in the audience as quite a few didn’t know who would be supporting this tour. But even if you didn’t know their name when you went in, you were sure to know it as you left the building. To The Rats And Wolves, originally from Germany, were playing their first Scotland show, and they were definitely going to make the most of it. The metalcore-electro group knew how to get a crowd going and excited.


They finished up their set with something everyone could sing along to, and made sure the crowd was getting involved as they taught the lyrics for the chorus for them to sing along to. ‘Anywhere For You’ was a hit with the audience, and when they weren’t singing they were up off their feet and jumping along with the band. They got everybody warmed up and excited with their full of energy and life set, no one’s feet was on the ground for long, and it was a brilliant band and show to open the night up with.


Asking Alexandria 1


Asking Alexandria was next to the stage, and opened with their recent single, Into The Fire, which got everyone in the room involved and moving along to the song – definitely a hit to bring the tone for the rest of their set. Behind them was a screen playing the cinematic clips from that music video as well and that helped with the atmosphere they wanted throughout the set with flashing lights and clips from different videos.


This was their first show back in Scotland since lead singer, Danny Worsnop, returned to the position, so with him back there was even more excitement surrounding the band and what kind of songs they would be playing. They put in their biggest hits from across their discography and made sure that everyone who had been following them, no matter how long for, got a taste of something they liked. ‘To The Stage’ was their third song of the night, and it didn’t take people long to recognise the tunes and start crowd surfing and jumping over the barrier, everyone was getting into it as a bit of old Asking Alexandria came through – and it wasn’t about to stop there.


Asking Alexandria 7


‘The Final Episode’ and ‘Not The American Average’ got crowds going in circle and mosh pits, people crowd surfing and headbanging and it seemed to not be slowing down any time soon. It was old Asking Alexandria which, let’s be honest, everybody out there loves.


Breaking up their set about half way through, which also gave people who had been jumping completely nonstop, was an acoustic version of ‘Someone, Somewhere’, which had just Danny and guitarist Ben Bruce, on stage. People had their phone lights up and on and swaying along to the music. Their final two songs of their set were ‘Moving On’ and ‘The Death Of Me’, which once again had everybody moving and singing along as loud as they possibly could. The room was moving fast once again, smiles on everyone’s faces.


Black Veil Brides were the last band of the night on, and with a new album just out a couple of weeks earlier, again the room was excited for what they would play. No one knew if it would just be songs from that or if it would be a mixture of their hits, but just like Asking Alexandria before them, they made sure that no matter how long you’d been following them for, you got a little bit of everything.


Black Veil Brides 13


Opening up with ‘Faithless’, a song from their fourth album, let everybody know almost straight away that this wasn’t just going to be a new song tour as it set everyone up for a set of more good music, and following that was ‘Coffin’ which was another slightly older song that really resonates with your inner young person from the first time you heard this band and their songs. There were songs from all over their albums but one that again, got everyone excited and jumping along was ‘Rebel Love Song’. Behind them, the music video was going on the screens and lighting up the stage even more. This is another song that everyone knows, and really gets you in with the nostalgia feel that, for me anyways, was happening throughout their set with what they were playing.


Finishing up the first part of their set with arguably their most well-known song ‘Knives and Pens’, had everyone singing and cheering along to. They had barely stepped off the stage after that when people were already shouted them back for even more songs, and they happily obliged the request. The final three would come from their first three albums and it worked out perfectly in order for people who had been there since the beginning. ‘Perfect Weapon’, ‘Fallen Angels’ and ‘In The End’ got everyone off their feet. ‘Fallen Angels’ had people’s fists in the air and shouting along as loud as they could, the chanting during chorus’ loud that even if you were standing at the back you felt as included as those right at the front.


Black Veil Brides 21


‘In The End’ was the final song their played, and that just seemed like the perfect way to end the night for everyone that was there, hands were in the air, people were dancing and jumping around as they kept getting more and more into it. No one wanted the night to end at all.


As someone who grew up with both these bands, and ultimately got me into the kind of music I listen to now, it was surreal and amazing for me to sit there and hear all these songs that I hadn’t heard live but were being played in front of me that got me through high school. The whole night, and all the bands, were amazing and really put on a good show – I don’t think there was anyone who left that show without a smile on their face.


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