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Written by Allan Maxwell   
Saturday, 03 February 2018 04:40

As a fan of LA hip hop rockers Hollywood Undead, I have to say I was looking forward to this show for quite a while. The times I have seen them before have never disappointed, and with their impressive latest album, ‘V’, added to their live arsenal I couldn’t wait to see what the night held.


As I arrived at the venue the queues stretched all the way up and down the street. Although not a complete sell out show, there were very few seats left on the balcony. It has been a long, long time since I have experienced a venue this full before the opening act took to the stage.


The One Hundred (4 of 5)


The One Hundred are a young crossover band from London and infuse elements from metal, hip hop, grime and electronica into their sound. Right from the offset, the Londoners pack a huge punch powering their way through no less than nine tracks during their set.


Now, with the crowd all suitable hyped the curtain was raised with the Dove Grenade logo taking prominence. The light dropped and the opening bars of ‘Whatever It Takes’ fills the room to a deafening roar from the crowd. The curtain drops just as Johnny 3 Tears belts out the opening lyrics setting the dance floor alive. Following immediately into classic track ‘Undead’ and then straight into ‘Been To Hell” before they remove their now iconic masks.


First single from their latest album ‘V’, ‘California Dreaming’ is one of their heavier tracks. This is when the crowd really come alive and the smell of sweat starts to fill the air.


Hollywood Undead


In what is now becoming a regular feature in their set the band ask if anyone in the audience plays guitar, they are immediately answered with thousands of cheers and waves before selecting two young guys up on stage to perform a guitar battle to see who is selected to play ‘Comin’ in Hot’. A guy called “Shark Bait” eventually won the battle over “Gogz” (whom Charlie Scene had serious trouble understanding his accent) with an impressive guitar solo. Mr Shark Bait was then handed the guitar whilst Jorel “J-dog” Decker taught him the chords. Leaving Gogz to awkwardly dance around the stage whilst the band ripped through the track.


Next up was possibly the happiest sounding song about suicide you’ll likely ever hear in the form of ‘Bullet’ - an obvious fan favourite is stunned out on the acoustic guitar, with the crowd almost drowning out the noise of the PA system.


Hollywood Undead


Finishing their main set with ‘Day Of The Dead” the crowd were left roaring for one more song. The band respond by playing the opening riff of ‘Everywhere I Go’ from back stage for they return to give us the last songs of the evening. Final track of the night was ‘Hear Me Now’.


Overall, the whole evening was a party atmosphere. One or two slight technical difficulties went largely unnoticed, with every single person leaving wanting more.




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