Miss May I/Fit For A King/Voids Of Vision/Currents – Glasgow, G2 - 23 January 2018 Print E-mail
Written by Hannah Reid   
Friday, 02 February 2018 04:20

Currents took to the stage as the opening band for the night. All the way from Connecticut, this was their first international and UK tour that they've ever done. They started the night off with a bang, capturing everyone's attention straight away, and as there was no barrier, the crowd were right up with the band as they played. They were energetic and kept everyone on their toes, playing a mix of newer and older songs to please everybody in the crowd. The crowd themselves were having a great time, moving and head banging along to everything. For their last song, ‘Night Terrors’, Ryan, the bassist from Fit For A King, was brought onto the stage for some guest vocals. It was a great energy and feeling for starting the show and set up the night for the rest of the bands to follow.  


Miss May I 3


Next to take the stage were Voids Of Vision, all the way over from Australia. They were quick to get everyone off their feet with their fast paced and hard-hitting music. And it wasn't long before a circle pit opened up in the room, people quickly joining and running around to the beat of the music. Getting a couple of fans in the audience who knew their music to join in and sing into the microphone and making sure that everyone was included as they continued playing their songs.  


The main support of the night came from Fit For A King, which clearly had a large following in Scotland as people pressed themselves against the edge of the stage to get as close as they could. Circle pits, headbanging, jumping, shouting and cheering: there wasn't a moment when at least one of these things weren't happening. Everyone was having a good time and really getting into their set, the crowd's attention completely on the band. They played through all their hits, the band kept their high energy and performance up. They also made sure you got a real show when watching, fooling around with one another; the bassist managing to get as many spins and jumps into the set as he possibly could while playing. Levi, the vocalist from Miss May I, also took to the stage for some guest vocals on one song, and as quickly as he was there, he was running off again.  


Miss May I 1


Finally to the stage, the headliners the crowd had been waiting for, Miss May I. The crowd pushed forward, making use of the lack of a barrier to get as close as they wanted. Opening their set with ‘Lost In The Grey’ set the mood for the night, as they gave it their all into the first song. Headbanging and circle pits followed close behind.


They played some of their bigger hits to keep the crowd entertained and nearly constantly singing and moving along to every beat. Finishing up their set with ‘Relentless Chaos’ was really the best way to end the night as everyone was left on a high.


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