Orange Goblin/Admiral Sir Cloudsely Shovell/The Earls Of Mars/Lifer - Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach - 30th January 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Richards   
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 03:00

goblinlive300Gig are like buses, you wait almost the entire month of January and then two arrive within days of each other; and what a tasty bill this was, all offered up by stalwarts of the British metal scene, Orange Goblin, to accompany them on their latest jaunt around our fair isle.


An admirable thing to do by the mighty Goblin was to offer up opening slots on the tour to local acts and, as luck would have it, a brooding bunch of riff monsters sired within the very shadow of Uber HQ, who go by the name Lifer, were given the honour of that coveted position for the Cardiff show.


The monstrous noise machine took it in their stride as they punished ear drums with their heavier than thou, down-tuned metal receiving a very appreciative response from those who managed to pass the Wetherspoon’s pub opposite the venue to enjoy an early treat. Fronted by the inimitable Scriv, who surely possesses a silver tongued stage patter second only to the smooth talking crooner Michael Buble, as he instructs us to “headbang you cunts”, the band smash their way through an enjoyable set that included ‘Bastard Sons of Sabbath’....and they could well be.


Next to scuttle their gear together quickly to make the tight deadline was the magnificently name The Earls of Mars, looking every inch the idiosyncratic lunatics that they did indeed, joyously turn out to be. Tripping off an individual sound somewhere between Bela Lugosi, Sparks and Faith No More, the four piece confused as many in the audience as they thrilled, happily I was among the latter; I’ve always been a sucker for a curve ball see, and that’s exactly why I was stage front and centre to catch Admiral Sir Cloudsely Shovell. I heard about this trio of self-titled ‘grease rock bastards’ late last year, and was so taken with their debut album ‘Don’t Hear It Fear It’ that it crashed right in as a late entry at Number 3 in my favourites of 2012. Talk about no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll, the Admiral serve it up still steaming from the pan, a terrific futuristic vision of the past they tip a wink and a nod to such amazing, influential bands like The MC5, Motorhead and Budgie, to name but three. And again, looking every, reassuring inch like rock stars, in arse hugging, dirty bell bottoms, big buckled bullet belts and leathers; simply fantastic - check them out noise lovers.


Within a matter of minutes of the Admiral’s stage exit, Clwb Ifor Bach swelled up to breaking point, as die hard metallers finally dragged their beery arses out of the pub to catch their heroes, the long standing national treasure known as Orange Goblin. They simply couldn’t fail, and sure enough they didn’t, as they bombarded the wanton assembly with a full frontal metal assault, dedicating ‘The Fog’ to the aforementioned local hero Scriv Lifer, along the way. A smattering of top tunes from last year’s excellent 'Eulogy for the Damned' slotted nicely among some older, more stoner/slightly less metal numbers, all delivered in exceptional style and all welcomed with horns held high.


Orange Goblin seem to have been around for ever, and with a die-hard following so obviously thoroughly dedicated and absorbed, it’s nailed on that they will be around to see off any who are less-metal than them for years to come. All hail to the Goblin; true and honest, and metal as fuck.




[Photos by Tim Evans]


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