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Written by Hannah Reid   
Saturday, 21 October 2017 04:40

Twenty years is a long time for a band to be together, and even then there is no guarantee that they are going to be as good as everyone remembers – but New Found Glory are definitely one of the exceptions. They manage to hit it out of the park every time and know how to bring it to a show.




Opening up tonight were the only support band of the tour, ROAM – a five piece pop punk band from England. Their refreshing and exciting songs was actually bringing people who weren’t too sure what to originally think of them down from the bar and onto the floor. Within moments people were moving along to the bears and fully engaged. Treating us to two of their new songs from their just-released second album, ‘Great Heights And Nosedives’, both of which had recently dropped – ‘Playing Fiction’ and ‘Alive.’


Their set included songs from previous albums and EPs so that everyone got a taste of something they liked while tapping along to the music happening before them. ROAM knew how to put on a set and keep the crowd entertained and get them warmed up for New Found Glory who were set to take the stage after them. The whole set was full of energy, with all members of the band not staying still for very long and making full use of the stage, the presence of which was very strong as they made their way around it.


The headliners of the night, New Found Glory, wasted no time in getting straight into their songs and getting the crowd singing along to every word. Everyone on stage was so full of energy and were constantly moving around, keeping the crowd and the photographers on their toes. Another thing that it didn’t take New Found Glory long to do was open up a circle put to one of their songs and get the crowd really rallied up.


New Found Glory


They barely gave themselves time to breathe in between songs before they were onto the next one – wanting to fit as many songs in as they possibly could into their set and be able to keep everyone happy while doing it. Crowd surfers were happening from the beginning, grins on their faces as they got closer and closer to the band they loved.


Playing all the songs from ‘Sticks and Stones’ and ‘Catalyst’, they included a new one from their ninth studio album called ‘Happy Meet Miserable’, which brought the much newer fans into the spotlight but had everyone singing along.


The band were full of love and thanks for all their fans, new and old – some of the older fans getting a bit more with the guitarist saying, ‘Thank you for choosing our album to buy from your paycheque’ – and you could definitely feel it within the room and that the crowd reciprocated it back. Straight after the song they were playing they were straight into another one that had the crowd jumping once again. The crowd were constantly involved the whole way through the set, continuous jumping, cheering and singing, everyone was so full with passion with the music being played. It was a whole set that you could feel the whole room coming together and really getting into it as one big family.


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