Gunfire 76/Bullets And Octane - Swansea, Vice - 4th December 2009 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Friday, 11 December 2009 23:13

1gunfireukOutside it's raining and it's bloody freezing but in the pub below the venue Bullets And Octane frontman Mr Gene Louis is wandering around swapping drinks with us Über Röckers and looking like a man on a mission. 


Once inside the venue, we hustle our way down the front to get a decent spot to catch a Bullets And Octane set which we're assured will be all killer and no filler and an hour of intense high octane (sorry) top notch, fuck you with a double large middle finger rock 'n' roll. Did they deliver on Gene's promise of all killer? Well, let's just say from the moment these Californian bad boys took the stage til they left drenched in sweat, beer and spit, they left a trail of destruction as long as the M4 and some dirty stinking rock 'n' roll punk songs ringing in my ears. 


There was barely time to take a breath before it was over and to say it was all killer and no filler would be an understatement; there was no messing about with slower numbers like 'Perfect Bitch', it was 'Save Me Sorrow',  'My Disease' and 'Pirates' all the way to the final majestic 'I Ain't Your Saviour'. You might think I'm going overboard when I make sweeping statements like saying that Gene Louis is one of the finest frontmen and singer/songwriters currently doing anything that is of worth to anyone who reads Über Röck - christ, if you don't already know itgene where the hell have you been? Bullets And Octane are the real deal who are yet to make a bad record and they actually deliver live like few others. Horns up for Gene and the boys because these fuckers kick serious 'arris  \m/

Now, Gunfire 76 were headline act tonight but they had one hell of an act to follow. I know Wednesday 13 knows his way around a stage and I like the album - 'Casualties And Tragedies' - but tonight Mr Wednesday seemed a man in a rush and must have been a bit disappointed with the turnout from his fans tonight. We had pretty much everything from the album and the band sounded excellent. We also had a few W13 solo tracks thrown in as well, of which the Benny Hill-esque 'I Love To Say Fuck' got an airing before this night of sleazy punk 'n' glam rock 'n' roll was over. 


I can't believe anyone could have left the venue disappointed with what they witnessed tonight but, in my humble opinion, this evening belonged to Bullets And Octane. It matters not if it's Sex n Violence, Gene Louis solo or Bullets And Octane, it's the real deal kids and you should catch them playing live in sweaty clubs before it's too late. Hopefully they will be back next year and I suggest you make a point of being there or else!


As for Wednesday...ooops, I mean Gunfire 76; another album along the same lines as the current one would be nice just to show it's 100% genuine because with all the projects going on someone more cynical than myself might suggest he's looking for a genre that clicks then the rest will get shelved, but I'd be happy as a pig in poop if Gunfire is his chosen path. Shame Todd Youth never played axe on this project and gave input into the songs - it might just have elevated a good album and band into a great and a real contender had he been involved but thems the breaks, boys 'n' girls