New York Dolls - Bristol, Anson Rooms - 3rd December 2009 Print E-mail
Written by Dom Daley   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 19:02

daviddomThe lights dim and this large, cold, wooden room is suddenly transformed into a writhing, grooving mass of cats and cool kids who know what time it is; yeah people, it's Dolls time and onto the stage strut some of the coolest cats known to rock 'n' roll.


Bringing up the rear is the daddy of 'em all, Mr Johansen looking very well in his winter scarf and shades but complaining about the coooooold. C'mon dude, you're from Zoo York - now that place is proper cold this time of year, right? 


The show is kickstarted into life from the opening line of 'Looking For A Kiss' - "When I say I'm in love, you best believe I'm in luv,  L-U-V" and without delay it's throw another rock 'n' roll log onto the fire, 'Cause I Sez So' then the spectacular 'We're All In Love' is stoked by the thundering bassline being hammered forth from the ever youthful looking Mr Yaffa. The place is jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof as older and younger audience members are put under thecontedom Dolls spell as they weave their way through thirty five years worth of rock 'n' roll class. And, you know what?  How damn good do 'Private World', 'Bad Girl', 'Subway Train' and 'Pills' still sound? You're not sure? Well, let me tell you. They still have the chops and they sound like rock 'n' roll should.


It's not about looking for a hit nor is it lip sync posing or going through the motions for the money. The New York Dolls are the real deal and these gentlemen grin their way through this set which is pretty much split between old and new songs tonight. A tribute to the new tunes is that they didn't sound out of place with the ones off the first two albums; 'Better Than You', 'Gotta Get Away From Tommy', 'Nobody Got No Bizness' all sounded great but there is no escaping the highlight of a Dolls show has to be hearing 'Pills', 'Trash', 'Jetboy' and 'Personality Crisis' - these drip off their instruments one after the other and sounding as fresh as a daisy.


Cool, classy fun and at the top of their game, so much in common with Über Röck, in fact. I only hope they will continue to play and record because Sylvain and David have some catching up to do for all the years that they were apart. The chemistry is there and they look like they are enjoying themselves up on stage and that's why I luv these boys, L-U-V!